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  1. The Highs and Lows of life, congratulations on becoming a dad, commiserations on your medical problem
  2. IFR ENB Mod - Built for Essentials

    Thanks appreciate the response, am downloading now
  3. Congratulations!

    Congratulations on the addition to the family
  4. The Astronomy of FSX

    Thanks both off to down load as well
  5. Mite be a long wait :D but yous cna vener ellt
  6. I believe the logic behind placing FXS outside the program files folder that OS creates is to stop interference by windows security routines. Also turning off User Account Control helps, hard coded into Windows are rules on what is allowed and not allowed to be done to items that are deemed program files based on Microsofts idea of what is best to keep the system secure, depending how your addons are written they can cause problems when they are run, and also when you try to install them. good luck
  7. Depends on who you ask me or the wife
  8. REX Essential - UPDATE

    Good luck with testing and fixing, all your efforts are appreciated cannot think how I would fly without REX. Right first time is what we all aspire too. Thanks for the update Taph
  9. Support Verification

    I think I am already verified but what the heck decided to join the party (how many replies does it take before this becomes a hot topic ) Thanks for all your hard work Taph