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  1. To both posts above, I did some tests yesterday and reported in this thread. A hotfix is on the way for it...
  2. I have not tested it, but just from the original problem it seems EF has problems with other monitors, so I'm just keeping it on primary. I should also say too that I only use P3D on one monitor, I don't use it across multiple screens. Hopefully REX can make a hotfix for this.
  3. I have done some testing... I made my P3D-dedicated monitor the primary monitor. This fixed the black screen issue. When I loaded up P3D (of course, having loaded up EF before doing so), the screen was only black for the usual 20 seconds or so. However the mini UI was still missing. The fix I have found for this is to turn off "Auto-fill Main View" in the sim's display settings. The mini UI then appears. After that, you can go back and enable the option and the mini UI will stay. So what I do is turn it off before I start a flight, then once the scenario is loaded I turn it back on. It is quite an inconvenience so I hope this can be fixed.
  4. I've discovered in another thread an issue where not having P3D on your primary monitor will cause the mini UI to hide. I tried to solution of changing the view groups setting to Auto-fill Desktop and that worked. I use P3D on my secondary monitor. When my screen is black I also find that turning the in-sim HDR settings on/off and enabling/disabling the auto-fill desktop view groups setting can fix it.
  5. I will wait for the hotfix. Thank you very much for your help, and to the rest of the REX team. I look forward to seeing EF's full effect.
  6. I'm now getting blank ground and grey tree textures. I'm also not seeing the mini UI button. I did check the user permissions of those particular files before starting EF. Adjusting the manual settings with the clouds and lighting works at least now.
  7. It's loaded up now. However it's loaded it in night time. I then went and injected a random community preset and the sky become daytime, but the ground was still dark.
  8. Good news! The EF application seems to be operating normally and my settings are being remembered. Bad news: When I load a flight in P3D, the screen stays black.
  9. I've noticed I also have the 2005 Compact Edition. I will uninstall them and see how things go. I am unsure what other applications use them. The 2005 was installed in 2013, the 2012 one in 2014 and the 2014 one in 2017. Unless it's another flight sim addon, whatever needed it I've probably uninstalled.
  10. My sqlservr.exe has the same details. In the Programs, I do have two other SQL versions installed - Express 2012 and Express 2014. Should I uninstall them?
  11. I've tried giving it another re-installation. Still no resolution. (Ignore previous edits)
  12. I followed those instructions, while also following the install instructions and the instructions in the pinned topic about user permissions. It didn't work. I am still having the same issues. Attached is my dll.xml, and a picture of my REXModules folder, in case it helps. dll.xml
  13. Hi, I have already tried those steps. The problem I am having is still in relation to this original post I made... I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling EF a few times and fixing up the user permissions following the instructions in the pinned topic,
  14. I know. I read and followed it all and every other solution.
  15. Didn't solve it for me unfortunately.
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