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  1. After installing REX Essential,, I already had REX 4 Textures Direct installed, I did not see a gain in the quality of FSX Boxed. My understanding is REX Essential is basically an older version of REX4, correct me if Im wrong. I just did not feel like I needed both of them installed, so I deleted the REX Essential install. I am back to using REX4 along with AS16 as my weather engine, and Soft Clouds. That seems to suit me just fine. Can you think of any benefit of using both?
  2. Im just getting back into FSX boxed after a pretty long sabbatical. I have enjoyed using REX 4, though I dont remember what REX Essential brought to the table. Im sure it was worth the money. Per your suggestion I will go ahead and install REX Essential just for grins and giggles.
  3. Hello, Running FSX Boxed version with all upgrades, Windows 10 64 bit. Currently I have REX4 Text Dir. installed but was inquiring if REX Essential adds anything more to improve quality of FSX? Would it be beneficial to add REX Essential. I already have REX Essential just wondering if I should install it or not. Thank you
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