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  1. Best GPU for Fsx

    Generally, the Nvidia cards are better for FSX over their ATI counterparts. Having said that, FSX doesn't take a lot of advantage of the GPU in systems, so anything over a 6 series is not needed for FSX. To further drive this point home, just take a look at Jame's pictures (JTH) above The only caveat to this line of thought is if you plan to run multiple monitors; then you are going to need more horsepower and vram simply to drive out more pixels. Look for a card with at least 3 GB of vram installed if running multiple monitors. If not, and you have other games to play, then forget about which card is best just for FSX and look at the bigger picture; go with any 7 series video card.
  2. Only a few more days to go, plus if you order today you get an extra 10% off the already reduced 50% off pricing!
  3. How does 50% off of all Nemeth Design helicopters sound? Exactly! So have at it: http://www.flightsimdealoftheday.com/ Thank me with some great screen shots, as for myself I have been eyeing that Mi-24V Hind...can't say no now! PS: not sure if this is the right forum or not....please move if not :-)
  4. Now you can tour one of the world's greatest aircraft museums in full HD: http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/full/tour-std.html Don't forget to use your mouse to click and drag around 360 degrees for full panoramic views! I hope you enjoy.
  5. Hello all, I'm sure many of you know this already, but flightsim(dot)com runs a daily deal for FSX products, usually at 50% off (or more!). These specials are good for 7 days. You can check out the week of deals here at this link: http://www.flightsimdealoftheday.com/ If you register with an email address, they will email you the deal each day. And, the best tip of all: if you buy any product, even the ones on sale on Tuesday, you get an extra 10% off! I hope this saves you some money
  6. My 2012 Build Has Been Decided!

    Interesting post on use of hardware for FSX discussion going on here. Note that this is not an ordinary flight simmer. He is, and used to be a developer for flight sim products for a LONG time (I think you will instantly recognize the company he is the frontman for) - so someone who obviously knows what he is doing. Read the the post carefully, some good info in there
  7. I7 Motherboard Suggestions, Please!

    I've always had great realiability and performance from Asus, as well as the fact that they release chipset drivers with regularity. Also, there are plenty of Asus forums that will provide you with exact OC settings for your BIOS in the event you want to tweak but are unsure of how to do it! This one has everying you need now, as well as options that will allow you to upgrade individual components to extend the life of this build - solid buy.
  8. I just noticed something, and the difference really struck me. I normally view screenshots on the PC that I fly on....today, I happened to bring up the screenshot forum on a friend's computer to show him what REX can do. WOW, the pictures didn't look half as good as I had remembered...then I realized, his monitor had never been properly calibrated for contrast/brightness, or for colors. We made some tweaks (using the monitor's controls, as well as his video adaptor card's control panel), and this really improved the quality of the screenshots! So, everyone is always talking about the best tweak for your FSX cfg file, but I bet a lot can be gained by spending just a little time with your monitor's settings. Sometimes you may not even know you aren't getting the best results! There are quite a few sites on the net that offer free calibration tips...just do a search. If you see improved results, post here...it made a world of difference on my friend's monitor. If not, you didn't mess anything up in your FSX trying!
  9. My 2012 Build Has Been Decided!

    I know we are all sharing our opinions, so here is my humble point of view with regards to this ram: it will be more than enough to run FSX, Win 7 64 bit and other standard applications. Unless the OP will be running a very ram intensive application or doing heavy multi-tasking, 8 GB should be more than enough, especially with regards to FSX, which is incapable of using more than 2 in any case...remember, FSX is a 32 bit app. Plus, the ram selected runs at 1600 MHz which is great for OC'd configurations. So, not trying to be argumentative - just my observation!
  10. My 2012 Build Has Been Decided!

    Yeah, you can't even hear my 10K raptor at all... Nice build - this will really make FSX perform! Please keep us posted on the progress of the build... One last piece of advice though: assuming you are going to put this together yourself, you may want to look into a high quality thermal paste to seat the water cooling heat synch to the processor...I used this product. It can make a difference, especially when overclocking. I read and then re-read the instructions really carefully for the application process...if not followed correctly, you can get overheating issues (of course, this is true for ANY thermal paste application). Good luck!
  11. Flying Joke

    I first heard this one 20 years ago, and it's still funny to me: A couple of "greenhorn" pilots get their first turn sitting in the pilot/co-pilot seats of a 747. Their first flight is going smoothly, and it's now time for the landing...the pilot radios for the tower, and is instructed to land on RWY 5. The pilot confirms visual of RWY 5 and a couple of seconds later, asks the co-pilot: "Doesn't RWY 5 look awfully short to land this 747 on to you?" The co-pilot responds: "Yes, it is, you should probably confirm..." The pilot indeed receives confirmation to land on RWY 5, so he really slows the big jet down, full flaps, etc. About half a mile out, they're now fully committed to the landing. The pilot, now VERY nervous, says: "This is going to be rough, I don't think we're going to make it! As soon as we touch down, I'll reverse the engines to FULL thrust, and you apply FULL brakes..maybe we'll stand a chance then." Meanwhile he makes an announcement over the PA: "Attention ladies and gentlemen, please assume the brace position - this landing is going to be difficult". As you can imagine, tension is running high on the big jet. You can hear a pin drop as the big 747, now just barely in the air, approaches RWY 5. As soon as the gear touches the concrete, the engines go to reverse, the brakes are applied, things go flying around the cabin, - IT'S CHAOS for a few seconds! Miraculously, the jet shudders to a stop just inches from the end of the runway. The co-piot, sweating profusely, remarks: "Man, that was insane! The tower is crazy, making us land on such a short runway!!!!" The pilot, also visibly shaken, then looks out the side windows and replies: "Yeah, - It is a short runway, but take a look how wide it is"
  12. LOL...we should start a poll to see how many hours of flight FSX is reporting for each of us...
  13. Best Graphics Cards?

    If your rig is for FSX only, then the Nvidia GTX580 is way too much video card, that will be a waste. Because of the way FSX was coded, it is far more reliant on the CPU. You'd be far better off getting a GTX 560 Ti, which is a fantastic performer at a reasonable cost point. All of this being said, the new Sandy bridge CPUs from Intel differ from the 2600Ks only in the sense that they have 6 cores vs the 4 cores that the 2600K has (also, the 3960X has more onboard mem cache but again, that doesn't help FSX too much). There are very few games today that even make a 4 core processor sweat, so the 3960X is only smart if you're trying to future proof your PC for a few years... Also, you can overclock either processor to over 4.0 GHz easily, but you need to know what you are doing in the BIOS to make that work. To summarize, if you're looking strictly at FSX for a rig, I would stick to the 2600K (and OC it to 4.0 GHz) and the GTX 560 Ti, and with the money you save buy a 256 GB SSD to host your FSX installation. (an SSD hard drive is a Solid State Drive, meaning it's like ram. There are no moving parts, and it's magnitudes faster than conventional, platter based drives but in order to use it optimally you should do some research on them) Adding 6 or 8 GB of 1333 or 1600 mhz ram along with Win 7 on a 64 bit platform will be optimal (any more than that amount of ram will also be a waste for FSX) Again - spending more money on more expensive components will not yield a performance gain worth what you will spend. It's an entirley different equation and line of reasoning if you plan to play other games, or do multi tasking as another poster has asked... Edit: the "turbo" mode of a CPU is a temporary spike in processing power based on real time demands of the game/application. Your motherboard determines this automatically for you, but for gaming it's not the ideal solution. This differs from the practice of overclocking, which essentially sends more voltage to the CPU (via BIOS modifications and other tweaks) to get it to run faster, but at a constant state. Overclocking is not only mainstream, but common and expected practice with the current generations of Intel CPUs...)
  14. Question about REX licensing

    Roger that, note the second FS order # in the signature now!
  15. Hi, I am about to give my current computer to my father in law, who is also an FSX simmer...I want to leave FSX and REX installed for him (no other payware add-ons) and I have no problem buying another new version of REX for myself. How would I go about transferring my old license to him...is that even necessary? I doubt he will ever venture onto these forums, so it's unlikely he'll register and add my current FS # to his signature... Just wondering how to be compliant and how the FS order #s work as far as what I am planning to do with my "old" PC... Your suggestions are appreciated, and thanks again for such an outstanding product...best add on for FSX. Period!