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  1. Go ahead and mark this as resolved. My initial question was resolved. I will post later if the problem persists. Thank you for your prompt replies!
  2. I did upgrade to 3.0 and thank you. Just a quick question. I did notice that the water texture seems more pixelated or "blocky" than 2.0. I do have my water slider maxed out in FSX and 4096 set under graphics in the FSX cfg. File. Is this normal with the upgraded platform? thanks!
  3. Hi, I just purchased texture direct and soft clouds. I would like to upgrade my existing REX 2.0 to Essentials so I can use the weather engine. Is there a link I can use to do this? Thanks
  4. This is ocurring during verification of serial number. I have firewall turned off as well as antivirus. I have copied and pasted the key to no avail. Any other ideas?
  5. Having the exact same issue. Purchased Friday from REX store. Apparently it is a known issue. Some limits on key verifications may have been set. Still waiting for a resolution.
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