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  1. Hi Reed, Apologies, haven't been on for a while. Please go ahead and mark the issue as closed. Regards, Ross.
  2. Guys, An update. I freed up 9GB of space on my C: drive and the Installer runs fine. It seems that even thought the installer doesn't complain about lack of space, it doesn't properly extract the cab files as a result and causes the error. I guess moving %APPDATA would help, but just thought I would let you know. I know have another issue and that is when I click fly now I get a .NET error regarding simconnect not being found and the weather engine doesn't launch. This is definetely strange as I have STB running via simconnect on this laptop (using simconnect.cfg in docs folder) and it works with no problem at all. Also tried editing and using the simconnect.cfg in the REX directory but it makes no difference. As an aside is there ever likely to be a release that includes just the WaSYS (standalone ability) as per V2 etc? Regards, Ross.
  3. Hi Guys, Unfortunately no ini file. Also as I redownloaded the installer package and was installing it on another machine I would have expected it to ask me for my reg details again.
  4. Hi Reed, Thanks for the reply. I have redownloaded and unzipped using 7-Zip. And I have the exact same problem, bear in mind that the previous installation files I used were already resident on my main FSX machine and were what I used to install REX originally so I do not think that there is a corruption issue. I get the exact same error, and it seems to be during the "component update" portion of the installer. Is there anyway to enable debug on the installer? Edit: Hmm not sure if it is relevant or not, but I am not asked for my FSS order details during installation! I was the very first time I downloaded and installed on my main FSX machine. I can't recall if subsequent downloads and installs enforce this or not, but I thought they did. That may explain it, but I have no idea why it is not asking. Wrapper problem? Regards, Ross.
  5. Hi Guys, I am currently trying to install REX essentials plus OD on my laptop to allow me to run the Weather Engine via SimConnect. As outlined I realise I need to install the whole package on the secondary machine. As such I have copied (via USB HDD) the original unarchived REX package installer from my main FSX machine. So I have a directory on my D drive that contains all the CAB files the Doc and the FSS installer etc.I am installing to a different directory on my D drive also. I have seen a number of posts on here with similar issues, and have tried running CCLEANER etc but REX refuses to install. I know the installation files are good because I used them to install on my main FSX machine. Any ideas? I only have 7.5GB free on my C: drive so it's possible space related (temp files extract), but it doesn't even try to fill it. The error is Source File not found: C:\Users\Ross\Appdata\Local\Temp|{Random String}\Cab1.cab Verify file exists etc etc Regards, Ross.
  6. Hi Reed, Thanks for the feedback, I guess I better clear up some space on my laptop :-) Regards, Ross.
  7. Hi Guys, Not been around here for about 3 years :-) But have got back to FSX and have just bought REX Essentials+Overdrive again. I have a very (possibly silly) question. In the "older" version of REX there was a seperate wasys.exe file which I could load up on a client machine and use simconnect to my FSX server to control weather injection etc. After snooping about on here and also in the REX content I can't seem to find the equivalent for REX Essentials, the only task/s running when I launch REX and the WaSys on the FSX server are two instances of REX.exe. Has this method now been deprecated? Do I have to install the "full" version of REX on the client as well? Simconnect is all setup fine etc, I just want to avoid installing the entire REX package on the client for just one element. Any help appreciated. Regards, Ross.
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