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  1. gets

    RESOLVED Verification problem

    You have not been verified that I can see. If you read at the top of the forum, you will see there is a limited support over the holiday. If you were verified you would have "verified" in your profile.
  2. Looks like you bought it from FlightSimStore. Go there and to your account, orders and you will be able to download it for free. The latest version.
  3. I can answer most of your question. Yes, you can use SF with FSX and P3D. Just make sure you download both versions and use the 32 bit for FSX and 64 bit for P3D. To reinstall, all you have to do is go to the place you purchased SF and you will be able to download the latest build and activation code will be there also. SF does not contain TD and SC. You don't really need it for sky textures but you may want to use it for the water and runway etc. textures. Keep in mind that Environment Force is due to come out soon and that will replace the water texture but not the runway etc. You may want to look at Worldwide airports on the REX store website.
  4. gets

    RESOLVED Buying REX Skyforce 3D

    Hi Tony. In case you need to know where you purchased those items, it appears from your order number it was from FlightSimStore.
  5. Thanks for that Tim. Feelings are mutual.
  6. Pleasure working with you also Galen. Keep up the great work.
  7. Some times there are things we just have to get off our mind. As a flight simmer for over 30 years I was fascinated by REX 2.0 when it came out in 2009. The textures etc. were something I never experienced before. Realistic clouds and better frame rates were unheard of to my memory. So, when REX was looking for beta testers for the upcoming REX Essentials, I was accepted to be one. At that time there really was only two platforms for the FS world. FSX and X Plane. So, in 2011 the testing began. One would think that an assembled group of testers would be able to work seamlessly with no problems. Ah, I learned that is not true. Tester lived all over the world in different time zone and most had a regular job. I was retired and had ample time. But, back then we somehow did work together to test the builds that we were given to test and of course report any problems etc. Not that easy 7 years ago. Much has changed. REX E was released and for the most part wasn't that bad. The developers would take the information from those who were using the program and improved it until they finally released REXE+OD which to this day is a great application. With each upgrade, there was no charge for the owners of the original application. Of course over the next 7 years we would go on to test many other products. We had beta tester come and go and even sadly one that passed away suddenly. I am no longer testing for REX, but I would like the FS community to know that it has been a great pleasure working with Reed and Tim and the rest of the team over the past seven years. They are the most honest, giving, kind people I have had the pleasure of working with. I owned my own business before retiring and my thought was that my reputation for what I did would reward me in the future. Reed and Tim in my opinion, go to extremes to make their public happy. Great support etc. and a great product. So, just a very heartfelt thanks to Tim and Reed to work on so many great products over the past 7 years. Thank you both and all others at REX Game Studios. Regards: Bob G.
  8. gets

    Ease of Use

    Hi LowFlyer. The reason you cannot post can be found in the forum directly above this forum and in RED letters. Here is a link to that forum.
  9. Read the RED thread at the top of the forums. They are having server issues.
  10. Hi Sarvesh. Please enter your order number and where you purchased SkyForce3D as per forum rules to receive support.
  11. I haven't had any problems with FSS. Even though it says they are experiencing problems, I have been able to download files.
  12. I did a Google search Tim and it comes up as a 2013 link. Bob G.
  13. gets

    CLOSED Tornadoes in south

  14. gets

    Need help finding order number

    Go to the FSPS page and click on your account and then your orders or downloads and you should be able to find your order number.
  15. Would this be what you are looking for?