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  1. INQUIRY lost the name reseller

    Looks like you purchased from FSS. Go there and go to your account, orders and download it again.
  2. Did you try clicking on the link in the thread above you?
  3. Hi Greg. Here a link to the REX store. You can look at all the products available and hopefully after reading about them you will be able to decide which of the products you would prefer. I would hold off on REX Essentials+OD. The developers are soon to release a new weather engine with other neat things included. It is called REX SKY Force 3D. http://store.rexdownload.com/
  4. Tim needs where you purchased and your order number so you may be verified.
  5. REX 4 - Weather architect.

    I think he meant your REX4TD +SC order number. Just like the REX E+ is entered in your signature.
  6. Old User Needing Brought Up To Date

    Here's a link to the REX store. http://store.rexdownload.com/
  7. When you go to proceed to checkout, it will give the option. Don't forget to have your order number verified in the support forum so you may receive support if you ever have a problem.
  8. Is 2.0 Obsolete

    Hi Lou. Yep, it's a bit old. However you can go to FSS and download the updated build for free. Make sure you remove your 2.0 before installing. Merry Christmas.
  9. RESOLVED Website

    Link works for me.
  10. CLOSED REX Worldwide Airports HD

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Please provide us with your order number and where it was purchased. If you have any questions in why we ask this, please reference the following thread: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36479-support-verification/ Once this has been completed and you are verified, you may access the full support forum and receive support. Thank you in advance.