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  1. If there was, don't you think it would be obvious?
  2. ANSWERED Need help finding order number

    Go to the FSPS page and click on your account and then your orders or downloads and you should be able to find your order number.
  3. He can't until he gets verified for SkyForce.
  4. CLOSED REX Sky Force 3D

    Hi and welcome to the forums. The reason you couldn't access the Sky Force forum for support is because you have to be verified as per this thread and forum rules.
  5. REX 4 TEXTURE DIRECT P3D4 no moon with SF3D

    Maybe there is no full moon this time of the month where you are flying.
  6. Would this be what you are looking for?
  7. RESOLVED Verified:

    I checked and it looks like the last person to be verified was only 4 hours ago with many more before that. Are you looking at the verification thread?
  8. ps. REX is joking with customers since 2 years and a half, now it is our time to have fun with them !!! :))) Only been since June of 2016.
  9. All of REX products already work with FSX and the new products will also work with FSX.
  10. INQUIRY lost the name reseller

    Looks like you purchased from FSS. Go there and go to your account, orders and download it again.
  11. Yup. I think it does say that some time back, but I can't find it. For sure weather engine with Sky Force and REXTDE will work together great. REXTDE will work with any other weather engine now as far as I know, but Sky Force and other new apps are going to be a whole new experience as the developer has stated before on this forum heading.
  12. This is not a support forum but I will attempt to answer your question. Sky Force will have a weather engine but you may want to use REXTDEV for your textures. Yes, you may remove REXE+OD once Sky Force is released.
  13. Did you try clicking on the link in the thread above you?