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  1. ELLW. For support using EF please enter your ORDER number and where purchased as per forum rules. Like was done for WA.
  2. I thought it said that EF must be installed inside the main P3D folder?
  3. Is your weather engine running?
  4. Do you also get an over speed warning and the stick shaker noise?
  5. Just build a new theme in WWA without the ground textures and install it.
  6. Well, the first thing for support for REX4 and Soft Clouds is to enter your order numbers and where purchased as per forum rules as has been done for REX E.
  7. First off, for support using EF please enter your order number and where purchased as per forum rules. The wet runway effects only work on default airports. So if you are at an add on airport they will not show up.
  8. Hi. To receive support for EF, you have to enter your order number and where you purchased. Once verified you will receive support.
  9. You should be able to download the latest Essentials from where you purchased it. Just check you account and your orders. The download will be free.
  10. You have to hold your cursor over the corners of the mini ui and then you can stretch it to make it larger if you wish. Regarding getting it back again after you minimize it, you will find the symbol for it in the lower left of your screen. If you have your task bar showing you will have to hide it. I have my task bar to auto hide.
  11. Looks like you have an add on airport judging from the Southwest signs on the jetways. WWA only works on default airports. Here is photo of what I have using WWA.
  12. Yeah. It takes about two seconds to minimize it. What a pain.😅
  13. Yes, that is correct. You will find it in the main P3D folder after install. It is named REXMODULES.
  14. You will get that message if you run P3D without EF running. You can minimize it if you like.
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