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  1. So I guess that means I only have just the hotfix installed... where do I get SP5 from? *EDIT* I see now. I didn't get SP5 from September, so I just got that, then installed it, then re-installed the sp5_hotfix and all is good. Thanks Thanks for the help! I did the same thing, and it seems to be working for me too. I did a manual download of SP 5 and installed. Then I let the program find the hotfix upgrade, download, and install. I'm now showing current with version 4.7.2015.1006. So far so good! Mike
  2. I've done all I know to do to make sure antivirus and firewalls are turned off. I've tried disabling from startup using msconfig, allowing for exceptions, stopping exe's in the task manager. Still no luck. I even tried to get the update running in Safe Mode. When I started TD4 it told me I was up to date. Any other ideas, or is there any other way to get the files I need for the update? Mike
  3. Thanks for responding. I've done all you recommend and still no luck. I've even turned off my firewall and antivirus, but no luck. UAC is set to not notify. Mike
  4. I'm running integrated TD4 with Soft Clouds on Windows 7 64 bit. When opening TD I'm told I need to upgrade versions from 4.4.2015.0115 to 4.7.2015.0818. I run the download from within TD, without a download manager, UAC turned off, firewall turned off, and antivirus turned off. When I run setup.exe I get the message: This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package. Please help.... Mike
  5. I noticed in the setup instructions for Architect it says to not use weather themes or user defined weather in the FSX configuration. Can you explain more about the effect on Architect of this setting in FSX? It had been my understanding that this had to be set to User Defined Weather to use the weather engine in Essential Plus OD.
  6. How can I verify that Soft Cloud textures are successfully installed? I have disabled low clouds n REX 4 and ran the texture install in Soft Clouds. I then launch fsx from REX Essential Plus OD. I would like some way of verifying that I have the Soft Clouds textures running. Thanks Mike
  7. I replaced the corrupt database with a backup copy. This seems to be working now.
  8. When I launch REX Essential OD HD I do not connect to the internet and my configuration manager shows all blank fields. When I try to do a restore of my backup it wants the location of FSX but it will not allow me to enter it. I looked in the error log of REX and found this: ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: purgedata.purgeData Error: Unrecognized database format 'C:\Program Files (x86)\REX Essential Plus\REX.mdb'. I went to the REX folder and tried to run the database repair as administrator but it says the above exception has been thrown. REX was running fine earlier today. I had a system failure (blue screen) while running FSX and REX then had problems when restarting REX. FSX runs fine. How can I fix this? Thanks mm REX Product Version 3/2013.0/15
  9. On my system I tried standard mode and my weather matched between REX and inside FSX. However the ATIS was still incorrect. I changed to a different airport location in the region and everything matched up, including ATIS, using both standard and plus modes. So evidently there is some issue at my home airport of KLEX. We can mark this issue resolved. Thanks for your help.
  10. I will check some other locations and let you know. Thanks
  11. See attached files for screenshots ATIS from FSX Real world METAR
  12. When I check ATIS at my departure airport the weather does not match the real world weather from REX. I'm using the WXPLUS weather engine and have verified the weather in REX matches the real world METAR for my departure airport. My FSX weather is set to User Defined. Any ideas why ATIS is not getting updated with REX weather? Thanks mm
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