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  1. No, it´s not. Only with 4.2 Waiting here too.
  2. Hi! I´ll go a little further here and ask: will wx radar be compatible with p3dv4? (See that i´m not asking when, but only if it will be updated) Is it in the plans? If this has been addressed before in another topic, sorry, i searched but not found it. Thanks a lot for all the staff work!
  3. Hi guys! Any news? I´d like to say something and i ask that this arrives to the developers with all the respect needed, but i think that wx radar updates are a bit to the slow end side. All the "big" players in sim world updated their software within 2 days after .22 release. And i think REX is a major developer in the fs world. We´re going to 11 days from .22 release and no update available. My p3d allways beeps when starting remembering me that wx module is out of order. Everything else is working. I´m not saying that i expect a full update the day after, but i do expect a better update time frame or at least a schedule of dates. I´m not talking about new functionalities or bug corrections, but just a update to make it work again. Maybe separate the simconnect (or any other data connection method used) from wxradar main application in a "data module" or something like that in order to enable a quickier and easier update process? Like when p3d updates, only this module is needed to update too? Just an idea... Again, don´t want to create any discussion about this, just saying, just giving a customer feedback to you guys. Thanks for the great work so far.
  4. Hi guys, P3D v3.4.22 is released: http://www.prepar3d.com/news/2017/02/113941/ And, the usual question: MV_WXM.dll file is compatible or we will need a new version? Thanks in advance.
  5. Got the update. Thanks for your work!
  6. Thanks. Looking forward for the HF too.
  7. Hi guys, you probably already know, but another new P3D version is out: 3.4.18 And again, MV_WXM.dll is incompatible. A new version is in the need. Thanks.
  8. Got the same error in here.
  9. Thanks for the answer. About the error is just that: nothing happened. There is a success message but nothing was restored. Anyway, everything is working. Thanks!
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