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  1. Where is REX Worldwide Airports HD in this list? I can´t see it now. Thanks.
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    Nice news! Long live to FSX + Essentials!
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    Another post for verification. Thanks!
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    Tim, just PM you.
  7. Thanks Ebo! I know i´m losing without OD. But my fs disk is restricted to 31Gb free space now and i think 10gb is too much to spare. My FS install has now almost 300gb of installed files and it is working ok. I´m afraid of moving files to other places may do something wrong with my fs install and of course i will be nuts!!! So, for now, i´m staying in this drive and without OD until i have the oportunity to migrate with peace. Going back to my original question, is if i´m loosing something besides the GREAT textures ... Thanks!
  8. Hello REX Staff, I downloaded overdrive without problems, but i may wait to install it because now i don´t have the space available to do that. So my question is: Does Overdrive has any improvement (Besides the textures) to REX itself? What i mean is, if ovedrive change REX patch number including new features and corrections besides the textures? Is the question clear? It´s because i don´t have the space needed to this instalation and i don´t know if i´m missing something (Not the new textures) without installing overdrive. Thanks for your hard work!