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  1. Order Number: 536647 Date Ordered: Sunday 05 January, 2014 Products ------------------------------------------------------ 1 x Real Environment Xtreme (REX) Essential Plus w/ OverDrive (REX-105) = $53.90 Delivery Option Instant Download + CD ROM by mail ------------------------------------------------------ Sub-Total: $53.90 Zone Based Shipping Rates (Standard Int'l Letter: Varies): $8.65 Total: $62.55
  2. tim got the installation issues through the cd sorted out following installation i had a screen which asks for a serial number , when i asked them for one they informed me that the developer has not provided them with one i am following this up with fs pilot shop yet to get a response from them will keep you updated this is the message from them with aticket that i opened Hello vivekanand, Thank you for contacting FSPilotshop.com. The REX software should not be asking for a key - at least we (FSPilotShop.com) were not given keys by REX and so far none of the several hundred users have needed to have a separate key. My only suggestion is to contact REX for more information on the key. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance and we look forward to serving you again soon. Sincerely, Adam FSPilotShop.com Customer Support
  3. is a serial number required for installation vivekanand
  4. thank you vivekanand the order sheet says license key/serial key no license key required vivekanand
  5. i bought REX-4 from fs pilot shop about on january 5 2014, and till today i am not able to install it,they first sent me the wrong cds and then a month later got the right ones,upon installation it is asking me for a serial number which fs pilot shop claims they do not have one supplied by REX,and they have told me top contact you for this i find this strange that one web site sells a product and i need to approach the developers for a serial number which should have been provided to me at the time of purchase how do i sort out this mess,its been about 1 and a half month now vivekanand order number 536647 www.fslipotshop.com
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