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  1. Awaiting your PM. Thanks, Harry
  2. I am running EF (latest version) wit P3D4.5HF. I don't completely understand what influence HDR settings have. I experience way too much darkness @ night (sounds a bit odd). In other words, when HDR (P3D) is ON and HDR (EF) is active (automated mode, no tweaks) I barely see any lights on ground or sky (stars, moon) and the lights in the VC are also very weak. Only when I change HDR (P3D) OFF it looks right, but then HDR (EF) does not have any effect anymore. I've never experienced such darkness (sounds odd again) before. I did not make many night flights with the EF (version before the current one) but I had to go down with Exposure Key (0.275-0.250.) and it was still a bit too bright (HDR ON in both P3D and EF). Now with the newest EF version it seems to be the opposite.
  3. Does it work together at all? I am using SF3D, ASP4 and EF in Automated Mode. I've made some flights but I have not yet seen any cloud dynamics (morphing, size and color changing). Maybe my expectations were too high but I did not yet experience any of that what has been advertised in REX EF videos. I can make changes with the mini GUI, but wasn't Automated Mode supposed to do this? I don't want to tweak the whole time ...
  4. That is my question too. I prefer Automated Mode in EF and I have SF3D as well as Active Sky Weather. No other shader mods. I've set HDR on in P3D, and thus HDR is active in EF too. To my understanding HDR settings in P3D don't play any role as they are overruled in EF. Is this right? Some light effects appear too bright, that's why I have adjusted some settings in EF HDR (e.g."exposure key"). Unfortunately I have to do these adjustments each time when I load P3D. Why can't EF remember my settings? I don't want to tweak. I want to fly in "realistic" weather dependent environment. That's all what I want.
  5. Very good questions! I am interested in answers too. I prefer flying with EF in Automated Mode.
  6. That's what meant. I'm a bit confused.
  7. Please could you give a definite answer! One says you need to start SF3D and EF the other says EF is enough, no need to start SF3D which one is true?
  8. Do I really need to start SF for every flight? EF recognizes that I have installed SF. I'm currently only using automated mode in EF together with Active Sky for P3Dv4.
  9. Sorry, P3D is a even more complex program than EF and we know how to adjust settings via its UI. If EF is such complex=complicated, then REX should provide it with a "simple" GUI which keeps complexity in the background. I have not yet purchased EF, but with all this discussions about its complexity it seems not to be for me currently.
  10. hjmx

    UPDATE problem

    Tim, Reed, Thank you. Now everything is as it should be. Harry
  11. hjmx

    UPDATE problem

    This is very disappointing! Meanwhile I am lost in update-jungle ... I have downloaded REX4 TD SP5 REX4 SC SP2 today. Installed both. Updated both for P3Dv3 options. So far so good. Re-downloaded "rextexturedirect_softcloud" installer to integrate SC in Texture Direct. Bang --> SEE MY FIRST POST in this thread. All together it took me several hours to get there where I have started ... kind regards, Harry
  12. hjmx

    UPDATE problem

    Meanwhile I have uninstalled P3Dv2 and all REX4 Titles (TD, SC and WA) as I am now only using P3Dv3. So I am waiting for the P3Dv3 compatible versions of REX4. Just another question. Is it possible that I can get access to a complete (integrated) installer of the REX4 TD&SC Software bundle? I have purchased both individually in order of appearance and would prefer to have only one installer. Thank you, best regards, Harry J. Martin
  13. When I open REX4TD&SC It says I need to update. When clicking on update it downloads a small setup.exe which I can't run. It says: "This installation package could not be opened ..." I run P3Dv2.5 and P3Dv3 on WIN10 and I used administrator privilegs. What should I do? Harry
  14. Same here ... Downloads did work but installation stops when installing dot.net4.5 (86 and x64). Why does iot need to install the 32bit version when I am runnin win7x64. Please build a better autoupdater! Harry
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