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  1. But I don't want to make any changes. I want Auto mode to take care of the water.
  2. Water always looks like that - bland and flat. I can change it in mini UI to look great but within a few seconds it always reverts back to this. It looks the same in all situations and weather conditions or geographical location. I have P3D v4.5, water setting in P3D is on High. EF is in Automation mode. This is probably not how water should look, right? What's the issue?
  3. With this disabled there will still be overcast but not with cirrus clouds? What's the main difference?
  4. Can I update Client (from 4.4 to 4.5) with EF installed and activated (not running, obviously)? Should I do anything in EF before or after P3D update?
  5. Well, REX, look at a few posts up.
  6. The bug is supposed to be identified and being fixed.
  7. I was using ENVSHADE but I uninstalled it so right now I'm only using EF. I noticed that if I change some values under HDR in in-sim menu and then toggle HDR on/off there is a slight change (basically what I just changed in in-sim menu). But the VC brightness is not affected. I hope there isn't anything fundamentally wrong with the sim shaders because I seriously don't want to do a full reinstall. Before I installed EF everything worked just fine.
  8. There is absolutely no difference in visuals when I turn HDR Off in the EF in-sim menu. Toggling it on/off doesn't change anything. Is this expected behavior?
  9. EF is in Auto mode, I didn't touch any settings. If the too bright VC issue is solved then all my EF issues will be solved and I'll be a very happy man
  10. I also noticed a big difference in VC lighting between my previous shader addon and EF. Any way to make VC lighting in EF more realistic? Right now it's just too bright.
  11. I'm very disappointed. REX claimed EF is compatible with other shader addons. I finally bought the product and since I'm also using ENVSHADE, the first thing I noticed is that I lost the cloud shadows!
  12. Sorry to put this here but I think it's kinda related to clean install question. Can EF be a straight up replacement for Envshade or PTA and provides "realistic" effects out of the box or do we benefit from using additional shader add-ons like Envshade or PTA in combination with EF? I know it can be used either way but mentioned shader add-ons do change the visuals in a way to be realistic by itself, so, can we say EF does the same thing in Automatic mode by itself or would be a description that EF enhances the visuals (default, Envshade or PTA) more appropriate?
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