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  1. What do you mean by "environment textures"? Water, grass, runways,...?
  2. Is this also a real-time weather engine or a tool for creating custom weather?
  3. Ahm.. but I can't install this over OD. If I could I would be rejoicing, you're right. But I can't. It has nothing to do with the name. Yes, I could uninstall everything, install everything, if I don't like it uninstall everything and again install the first thing. If nothing else OD version was promised "soon" after the release of the Essentials. If they'd say, soon like in a year or something maybe I wouldn't wait for OD version. But I agree.. it's free so complaining in any way is a bit stupid
  4. I don't believe it. You are releasing yet another version (Plus) before OD?! I'm waiting for Essentials for about a year now or a month or two less, since you announced "soon to be released" Essentials (soon is very relative here at REX). I'm very disappointed!
  5. Does this tweak change the quality of graphics in any way?
  6. I have a feeling it was announced in 1492.
  7. 0Artur0


    Is this even for FSX since it's sponsored by REX Game Studios? So I guess it's not part of REX.
  8. I guess "Soon" is very very relative.
  9. I said somebody, not you. There were cases in FS community where there was hype for years and nothing at the end. REX always delivered and than some. You guys rock! Guitarman.. it's all good! (..I know I can be a nag sometimes)
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