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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Just bought Sky Force. From your reply and running the product, I gather I can uninstall the old products. Thanks again,
  2. Hi Guys. I'm sure this has been asked numerous times but I can't find a direct answer to the question. Does SF 3D replace all the other REX products - I.E. ESS, Texture Direct, Weather Architect, Soft Clouds etc. If so, should these products be uninstalled before installing SF3D? Yes/No response is fine. Thanks, Mike
  3. I thought I was verified??? REX ESS + OD - Order Number: FSS0034844 Order Date: 2009-08-08 REX TD: - Order Number: FSS0254788 Soft Clouds: - Order Number: GLQBEDGIH Order Date: 12/31/2014 REX Weather Architect: - Order Number: FSS0409528 I keep getting an error message in Weather Direct telling me II NEED to update to version 4.0.2015.1009 but when I click 'OK' It tells me I don't have permission to download that build??? Thx
  4. Hi Guys. I'm in the process of reinstalling FSX SE on Win 10 and when I got to REX I noticed several downloads from the Flightsim Store: 1. REXEssentialPlusSP3.zip and 2. REX4TextureDirectSP5.zip Does the first file install REX Essiental Plus OD? And, do I need to install the original Rex4 Texture direct or just install the second file(s)? I assume I'll need to install Soft Clouds and Weather Architect as the ones I have should be the more recent. Any other "gotchas" I'd appreciate hearing about. REX Essential Plus Order: FSS0034844 and Texture Direct Order No: FSS0254788; REX Weather Architect Order No: FSS0409528 Thx
  5. I have two shortcuts. One is called REX Autoupdate and the other is called Software Updates. If I click the former, I get advised that I need to get verified however, I am already verified to the best of my knowledge. This updates nothing. The other short cut tells me that everything is up to date. REX ESS + OD is showing version 3.8.2014.1126. Is this current?? Thx
  6. Thanks Galen. I was trying to understand if they complimented each other, or whether the new product(s) would function as a replacement for the old. I gather I can get rid of REX ESS OD once I buy the new suite. Thx
  7. Probably already been asked somewhere else but... does the release of weather Direct, when coupled with REX 4 Texture Direct and Soft Clouds spell the demise of REX Essential Plus OD? Thanks,
  8. Hi. I thought I was already a verified member however, I still get the error that my product cannot be verified. Order Number: FSS0034844 Order Date: 2009-08-08 Thx MODERATOR EDIT: Please don't post for support in this thread. You can post your enquiry within the proper area of the support forum. Thank you.
  9. It'll be interesting to see what the direction will be with the acquisition by Dovetail Games of the FS franchise. One thing for sure though, it looks like it will require a Steam account. Personally, I think I will stick with FSX until it's no longer supported or I'm too old to play with it.
  10. Has anyone here had any experience with 'Radar Contact' with REX and ORBX installed in FSX? Was wondering whether it is worth having. Appreciate any comments about it. Thx
  11. Hi. Is REX 4 a replacement for REXESS + OD; or is it an enhancement to REXESS + OD? Or, is there any relationship at all? Thx
  12. Hi. Anyone here have any experience with this program and Radeon Cards in creating FSX Profiles? Thx
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