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  1. Posting for verification Thanks, A.
  2. I´m not an expert, but I guess all depends on what the temperature is at load. I think 68ºC is fine, but maybe a little high considering the CPU is at iddle. Try some CPU stress tools like Intelburn to see how much the temp rise and if the computer is 100% stable (I´d recommend no less than 7 cycles at "high" setting). In my case, I get a stable overclocking of @4.52Mhz with my i7-975. I need a tweaked voltage of 1.482v for stability. However, in order to avoid insane high temps I use a chiller (Coolit Boreas) as CPU cooler. So, in summary, it shouldn´t be a problem as long as your CPU temp keeps low (80ºC max) and stable. Hope it helps, Ãlvaro PS: In order to avoid high power consumption and potential CPU risks I only use the OC with demanding applications (like FSX). The rest of the time (80%) CPU stock clocks.
  3. Exactly the same problem here Ãlvaro
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