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  1. Hallo Dolf,

    Ik wil even het volgende vertellen.

    Op donderdag 22 dec ga ik naar het ziekenhuis

    en op 23 dec krijg ik een open hart operatie.

    Hierdoor zal ik een tijdje niet online zijn.

    Zouden er eventueel vragen zijn dan weet jij ervan af.

    Ik wens je alvast prettige feestdagen.

    Groetjes en tot spoedig weer aanwezig hier.




  2. Hello DJ, Beautiful photo's. The weather was very beautiful and I can see you both have enjoyed it. I hope that this weekend the weather is the same so you and your friend can make your flying tour. Rinus
  3. Hello Warlock, A beautiful photo. Do you know who took this photo ? He or she did not suffer from a fear of heights.
  4. Tim first of all accept my sympathies to the loss of your father. Second you and Reed and family should recover one’s health. After that we will see when the new REX will arrive. Just take all the time you needed. I think all REX users will agree with me ( I hope ) Rinus
  5. Hello Tim and Reed and the rest of the team, What a magnificent review. But we users knew this already Agree !
  6. Hello wingston welcom here. Fontaine I think Ebo ment the R(eal) E(environment) C(ustomer) forums.
  7. Hello dj, Thanks very much for your comprehensive answer. It is much appreciated. I'm a beginner with flightsimming so saying it shortly in my own words, Flying as a beginner use FSX but for the own scenery x-plane is better. Thanks alot, Rinus
  8. Well I like RPG's. The last game I played was the witcher. Now I'm waiting (as I already mentioned) for Dragon Age.
  9. Hello Guys, I've a simple question. Next week the game Dragon Age: Origins will be published. The next months I will playing that game and have no time,to fly or to look at the pictures here. Are there more guys overhere ,playing other games than FSX ?
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