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  1. Hi Stan, Thanks very much for your help, I'll be sure to do that in the future. Cheers, Jack
  2. Hi Reed, You're pretty much correct regarding the weather. However, you say that "on screen in your aircraft you do not see what is correctly be injected"; this is correct INITIALLY, but like I say when I close REX and open the FSX "user defined weather" tab and click "ok", the weather is THEN correctly injected. So, essentially, the weather is being injected, but only after I fiddle about for a bit.
  3. Tim, I'm still having problems with this weather. I have just used real world weather to load a METAR from Wick, showing visibility 4000 with BKN 002. However, when REX loads the weather, I see clear skies above me with some altocumulus visible on the horizon. Definitely nothing like the METAR. However, when I close REX and open up the "user defined weather" interface within FSX, I can see the many cloud layers and visibility layers that REX has (accurately) built up. And when I click "ok", the weather then loads. So, in a nutshell, to get the REX weather, I have to close REX, go into Fsx weather, click ok, and THEN it loads... But obviously doesn't refresh since I closed REX.
  4. Build 3.7.2013.0715 EDIT: I have now find the manual, I was stupidly looking in the wrong place. Many apologies Tim!
  5. Hi Tim, The manual I have been reading is the REX Plus manual, which seems to be slightly outdated (some of the GUIs do not match). For some reason, no manual was installed with the latest REX build when I downloaded it.
  6. Thank you very much for your assistance Pete! May I also ask; what is the purpose of the configuration manager within REX? It seems to me very strange that you can set all of these options such as ratio of Cumulus to Stratus clouds, visibility options, wind options, etc... Because I thought that was the point of the weather engine? I don't get how these settings are meant to be used.
  7. Hello everyone, I apologise for my ignorance, but how does one achieve low visibility conditions within REX? I like using the weather generator, and as much as I love the accurate stormy weather it can produce, I need a way to reduce visibility significantly to simulate landing in low level stratus and fog. However, I cannot see a way to do this. The weather generator does not seem to generate low visibility conditions. Also, I am unsure of the exact function of the visibility settings within the configuration manager; could I use this to simulate fog? At the moment I have been reduced to using the default weather in order to achieve low visibility. Is there a way to generate low visiblity in REX? Cheers, Jack
  8. Thanks for the reply. So is the double folder thing just an anomaly I can ignore?
  9. REX Desktop Icon -> Target = C:\REX Essential Plus\REX.exe There are exactly 69 folders in the Cumulus Images section for REX Essential Plus. Cheers.
  10. Thanks all. Again I have added more detail and another screenshot to my post (Post #3 on thread). Please re-read it before any response. Cheers .
  11. Hi Tim, Following our email correspondance I totally uninstalled everything REX related. I then downloaded REX Plus 1028 from FSS and it installed fine. I then installed REX 1029, choosing the REX folder (from 1028) as the install destination. I have spent the past half hour uninstalling and re-installing, and the exact same thing happens. Always two folders. Any ideas? Please note, there is only ONE REX folder on my C drive. For some reason, TWO REX folders appear in the start menu in Windows 7. See these screenshots: Only one REX folder on my C drive: But two REX folders appear in start menu: There is also only one REX icon on my desktop. So, in other words, only one version of REX is installed on my hard-drive (1029), which is correct, but a mysterious duplicate REX is appearing in the start menu. What's interesting is that both executable files in each folder will boot up the exact same version of REX (1029) and function perfectly normally. Even weirder is that when I go to "add/remove programs", there are two different REX programs with two different REX versions (1028 and 1029). See here:
  12. Hi all, I have just finally upgraded to the latest version of REX having been out of the loop for a long while. I downloaded the latest version of REX from FSS and installed it, but noticed that this was only 1028, and there is an upgrade for 1029 available. After installing 1028, I followed the instructions on the forum exactly and installed the 1029 update. All has gone well, REX works fine, however I have two REX folders available in the start menu; "REX Essential Plus" and "REX Essential Plus Overdrive". Is this correct or is this a duplicate install or another problem? Cheers, Jack
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