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  1. you what do you say about users that had fs9 and went to fsx and now its p3dv4 sooner or later devs are going to drop fsx since now its now showing its age, and why would you switch to p3dv4. Your missing out all the features that fsx has no way of showing
  2. thought your serial number is in your account in REX store, been this way for all addons go to where you bought it and go to your account?
  3. try this link https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/forum/215-updates/
  4. Since you you havnt listed your pc specs than there must be a issue at your end, since I got a moderate pc and havnt got any fps hits at all.
  5. Than if you havnt got any weather engine than there is nothing for you to do till you get one
  6. this is where which folder has your weather engine exe in depending on what you have got ie asn opus or rexe so when you you start your flight sim using the rex4 option your weather engine will start automatically
  7. Maybe weather Architect not a weather engine is why it not working
  8. you can mix and match between the 2 but make sure you deselect the option from one or the other you are installing etc so if your installing clouds on rex4 make sure you deselect the cloud option in rexe since if you install rexe with the clouds selection on it will overight the selection you have made in rex4
  9. if you already bought rexe than there is no need to buy it again, all you need to do is go back to where you have bought it and re download it again from your account. Rex4 and soft clouds you can purchase it together now which means that rex4 has soft clouds built in it. The main difference I guess is that rexe has a weather engine built in it and rex4 hasn't, but rex4 is much faster loading textures in your sim. You can combine the textures between rex4 and rexe. so if you already own another weather addon than I would go for the rex4 with soft clouds option since you still got the option to re download rexe again from your account
  10. It be a weather engine and REX texture and soft clouds will come in effect but weather architect wont since its a design your own weather addon and so it cant be used with weather direct at the same time its one or the the other. ( since its a live weather engine where as weather architect is not)
  11. Pretty certain if you open up rexe and use the download tab it will be there but heres the link http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34977-how-do-i-know-if-REX-freebies-installed/?hl=%2Brex+%2Bgrass
  12. Here is a challenge for you guys which iam pretty sure your unable but here goes, have the wxr work in pmdg aircraft , and my other one be able to just have no rain clouds option
  13. yes you can set only fog at your airport just select the fog option and nothing else
  14. With the PMDG 777 Weather Radar with out ASN activated will the Radar work with Rex4 Weather? Thank You If your talking about using rex4 textures and using asn with pmdg yes the radar will work But if you referring that will rex4 work with asn no it wont since rex4 isn't a weather engine its only a texture addon. Same with Wa the weather radar wont work either
  15. Wa can do everything except for doing live updates of the weather, it can update the QNH live I was in the same boat as your self wondering if I should purchase this addon,( since I was using the fsx weather custom to make my own weather) now after a few days of seeing how it works iam glad I did. The good thing about it you can set your own weather in your home airport and just practise or what ever you want to do. Setting the weather is quite easy and might take a little time to do it the first time but once you get the hang of it it will become quicker. The only down side but looks like its going to be addressed in the next update is you cant set clouds only with out rain there is a work around to do this though. Overall I would recommend it if your into making your own weather
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