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  1. er you say you start pdv4 before ef you get the grey skies( of course you will get issues), been said many times in the manual you need to start ef first waits till it loads than start your sim reverse order or exit
  2. IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ! Environment Force must be installed into the main root of Prepar3D v4. (Example: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4) During installation the installer will create a folder within your simulator folder named “REXModules”. don't forget to install as admin right and run the exe as admin as well in the REX module folder there are log files so post the last log that was created
  3. that how you suppose to do it, start ef first than p3d close p3d than exit ef
  4. are you waiting for the time for ef to load usually takes 30 secs or so the screen will remain black till it does, besides you havnt given enough information since we are not mind readers
  5. why not update to pdv4.4 just a matter of updating your client only
  6. its not down in your lower left screen should be a small square click on it and it will bring it up to your screen
  7. https://imgur.com/f3HALD1 this is what I see you can hardly see the icon
  8. if you don't run ef you will get a error as well in the mini gui
  9. err fsl spot light has it as well a small icon at the bottom besides it takes a sec to min it, I know its a long time😀
  10. if your not using sf weather engine no need to start sf at all just start ef first than your sim
  11. easy if your not using sf weather engine no need to start sf just start ef first than your sim. personally I wouldn't use asca, some users seem to use asca but I find sf and ef will just be fine. No need to uninstall asca just rename the asca exe to some thing else so it wont start
  12. yep see this as well no auto mode only manual or off
  13. I wait till Federico has a team viewer with you has he has requested to view your pc in his previous post to your in this thread
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