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  1. Hi- As stated in the subject line. Why does the installer repeatedly appear after boot and login on my Win10 PC? Thanks, Mark
  2. Not available in Live Mode, only Manual. Crisis averted, good for another day. Cheers, Mark
  3. Hi- There is no dashboard (left hand side) to post a pic of, hence the post. I will send a screenie of what IS there when I get home which will be shortly. Thanks, Mark
  4. Hi I just got EF installed, but I I have no hamburger and no settings menu. Everything else appears to be there, I think. Please advise. Thanks, Mark Simmarket Order#2038015
  5. Hi Tim- No I haven't tried other sets; just a few. I thought I would ask first instead of trying 16K possible combinations (just kidding). I'll look for a lighter blue (unless you can recommend one) this afternoon. Also, does landclass control placement of water textures, that is, the very light turquoise you see off the shore of various beaches in HI? I'll also look at the configurator you recommended as well. Thanks, Mark SimMarket order# 1144627
  6. Hi all- I just installed REX 4 last night and have to say that it's much better than previous versions. Much more representative of the SF bay area than previous versions with particular improvement on the sky themes. ANYway, I was flying around PHNL and PHKO in the Bell (P3D) and the water is WAY too dark and blue. Also, I'm not getting anywhere near the reflective properties I see in the screen shots on the Rex4 site. Any ideas on this? Thanks! Mark
  7. Installed FlashGet3 Right click on URL (this is thru Avsim BTW), copy link location Paste into FlashGet FlashGet downloads an index.php, that's it. I'm thinking this might be the problem.
  8. No security/firewall enabled. How do you verify a download? I don't think this is an installer issue; never a problem installing anything on his computer. I'm leaning towards a corrupt download, but, as mentioned above, how do you verify it?
  9. Hi- I'm trying to install REX and get this message... I've also attached a shot of what was downloaded if that helps at all. Thanks, Mark
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