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  1. WX radar JFL553402718B206652 bought it through REX store.
  2. will it be at the flightsimstore? or ??
  3. ok, wanting verification: FSS0071104 (Completed) Order Date: Friday 30 July, 2010 (2010-07-30 oh ignore.. sorry I see that I am already..
  4. I never noticed this before, but look at the bluured letters, below that you will see some black blank spaces for letters.. it is 3, 8, 3 5 spaces, I think
  5. mmmm... very excited about this... I'm going to really go out on a limb and guess, that SIMAIR is going to be just that.. simulated air... what do I mean by that. I'm guessing it going to be an addon (obviously) that will model air better and more realistically then it is now.. aahh, dumb idea, maybe not.. maybe it will be a VA/Career pilot type of addon, like FSPassengers, etc that will allow you to simulate your own aviation company or something to that effect.... mmmmm very interesting indeed!
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