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  1. Thanks for Verifying #FSS0569856
  2. I am lost.... is this an add-on for SKY FORCE 3D or is it a complete new product.... shall I buy REX SKYFORCE 3D now or wait for ENVIRONMENT FORCE ? Thank you
  3. Hello, I am reinstalling my whole FSX and was wondering if I should wait before installing REX 2.0 that Essential is out or if I can go ahead and just upgrade afterward ? Does it really matter and?or are there any recommended option ? thank you Greg
  4. Ahhh easy to make jokes when you're a beta tester.... Come on guysm release it this week end and send us a corrective patch in....... MAY
  5. Even better than Accufeel, I would recommend 3D Real Cockpit... this is fabulous. You have to reduce the settings to 50% otherwise it shaked a bit too much but this is so immersive and changes the whole FSX experience....
  6. Make you sure you select our user account as "owner" of the folders in the security tabs...
  7. Hello, I was just wondering if Essential would be replacing REX2.0 or would be on top of it ? For example, will the runway textures be available in Essential (so we can remove RX 2.0 from the system) ?..... I guess that once the textures are loaded from REX 2.0, you can actually remove it and the runway textures will remain in FSX/Prepar3d...
  8. For verification : Order #FSS0029332 Thank you
  9. What's next for FS9? =====> death
  10. sorry but I don't find it that impressive... we don't care seeing green lights in the stairs.. both the outside model and the VC looks better with FSX PMDG..... and I am not even talking of the future NGX from PMDG.... Xplane 10 is already dead.
  11. I am really pissed of... the download went fine but when I try to open the archive, it says that the file is corrupt ! ahhhhrrrrr 3 hrs download for nothing !! What has happened ?
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