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  1. Just purchased WWA yesterday and installed (FSX-MS Win 7 64-bit). After following the instruction guide and navigation pane, I installed each texture and it prompted installation successful. I used KCLE as a test airport and most of the textures worked as advertised but I could not get either jetways or any ground service vehicles to appear. I suspect operator error. Is there a particular setting within FSX that is required to display those items? I have GSX as well. Thanks so much for enhancing the flight sim with all your products. Richard Perry GMMBNSNCM REX WWA
  2. Sorry--solved it--water effects slider full right in FS9--duh. Have a great holiday!
  3. Have been a way for a few months and I went through installing theme (saved config/saved options first) which had water reflections and waves--I only want reflection and no wave action--but can't seem to get any reflections off the water with the box checked. Thanks Rich Perry
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