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  1. REX4: FSS0252743 | REXSF: FSS0562743 | REXSC: FSS0346292 | REXEF: KDFZJCWDP
  2. HI! Thx for answer. Ebo - those squares are flashing. But I found "half" sollution. Set TERRAIN CAST - ON / RECEIVE - OFF in lightning/shadows section. Today The inform us about comming 2.2... ;-)
  3. Any idea how solve it? P3D, GTX760
  4. My OS Win 8 x64, previously Win 7 x64. Always have problem with ENB with and without OC. Now using FXAA tool with few combination and all work fine. http://www.guru3d.com/files_details/fxaa_post_process_injection_tool_download.html
  5. HI! I tested few configuration. Without results. I decide to delete ENB plugin. Problem gone. My machine doesn't like ENB....
  6. HI! I haven't CTD normally. Only when enable ENB. I'm using Win8 PRO x64. After delete two lines in fsx.cfg all working good. Still not using ENB... Yesterday try flight on DX 10 but many of sceneries has bug. Thanks for support!
  7. HI! I make bat file, execute. Put new UIaut...dll file into fsx folder with new enb files. Also add 2 lines into fsx.cfg. Run FSX, chose flight, then fly... and see only black screen ;-(
  8. jodle

    J41 or b200

    HI! Definitly JS41. I flew lot of time this machine. Need to read manual. Then You can "burn this baby" ;-) Also I record some tutorial on YT: Hope it help to make decission.
  9. HI! I have problem with unpacking 3 times download and have the same problem: cab13.cab and cab14.cab is broke. Rtying download via Chrome, FlashGet, Internet download Manager. Without results. Any idea. PS Torrent also broken.
  10. Germany National Football Team arrive today to Gdańsk (EPGD) on EURO 2012. There http://fotomajora.bl...and-others.html ise few shot their new machine Boeing 747-800. It was 3rd flight this brand new "gold'. Enjoy! BTW I'm cheer on Netherlands Football Team ;-) ORANJE!
  11. Absolutely You need to buy: aivlasoft Electronic Flight Bag
  12. In my fsx help removing ENB series files. Problem gone. Work all perfect!
  13. Polish your essential and develop it in first weekend of May. ;-)
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