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  1. Thank you! The email has been sent. Take care, -TazMan
  2. Hello, I have purchased various REX products over the years . To receive this discount, you must purchase Sky Force where you originally purchased another REX product. I have attempted to log in to the purchase side of REX but it does not recognize my account / e-mail. I can log into the forums but not to purchase... Will REX recognize my automatically recognize my purchase(s) and apply the discount once I am able to log in? Sincerest appreciation in advance for assistance, -TazMan Order #FSS0001622816228 DOP: 03/12/2008
  3. Thank you for the reply and instructions. Good to go! (RESOLVED)
  4. I have had FSX up running on my rig Since the FSX release date. Yesterday I decided to embark a new adventure with FSX SE... Prior to FSX SE installation I uninstalled FSX but left my REX products installed as they (were / are) from the original install of FSX. Question: Prior to setting up FSX SE is there anything I should do with REX? Question: Does / will my REX products (soft clouds and essentials +) allow me to redirect it's self to the new FSX SE install? Sincere thanks in advance for your support answering these questions. -Taz
  5. Hello, I recently had to reinstall REX Essentials Plus due to an issue loading Wx... No biggie. I just re-downloaded the REX - REX Essential PLUS (5.16gb) from Flightsim Store and was then trying to figure out how to re-install the Overdrive package.. From what I can read it appears that this is still being worked on... Just wanted to be sure I understand the situation correctly that this is pending. Will there be a notice sent out when it is available for download? Sincere thanks for your time in advance, -Dino
  6. Thank you very much for your detailed reply and yes this has answered my questions. I do appreciate it. -TazMan
  7. Hello I was reviewing the new REX4 product and had a general question. I own and currently use the REX ESSENTIAL PLUS WITH OVERDRIVE FOR FSX AND PREPAR3D. What is the difference between the two and are they independent programs? I see that I can receive a $5 discount on REX4 by owning Essential Plus so I would believe that they are unique to one another. If I purchase REX4 do I uninstall Essentials Plus prior to installation and just use REX4 exclusively? Sincere thanks for your time in advance, -TazMan
  8. Hello, Forgive me or yet another question... When I create a fllight plan I noticed that there are a lot of extra aircraft to select that are not in my FSX sim. I select the SR-22 in my flight plan but FSX starts up and no SR-22..... Am I missing something LOL or just dreaming that those or that aircaft would be available to fly with my REX purchase. -Taz
  9. Dunno what that gig was but it's working now.... Thank you for your reply but just tried it a third time and the flight plan is there. Resolved! Thank you.
  10. It is the latest version that REX has porvided so I believe that is ESS..
  11. Hello, I am having problems with loading flight plans created in REX for FSX. * In REX I create a flight plan via "create a flight plan" and then save it. * Next I allow REX to launch FSX to fly the flight plan. * I then try to load the flight plan in FSX but the flight plan in REX (REX/FlightPlans) there are no files to load.... Note: When I go back into REX and select browse in the "create a flight plan" I can select the previous flight plans I have saved. Am I doing something dumb and just cant see the forest through the trees? Thank you for your assistance. -TazMan
  12. AWESOME!!!! Worked like a charm! I tried to do this yesterday evening after uninstalling REX (failed patch sequence) and it didn't work. A reboot and now all is good to go. Sincere thanks for your reply / solution and the best addition to flight simulation since the joystick -Taz
  13. Hello, As a proud REX user I have updated my PC with some SSD's and now have ample space for FSX and REX. Can't wait to get back into REX! Long story short is I have REX with LOT's of patches and updates from my initial REX purchase when REX came out. When trying to install REX I am having a tough time trying to figure out what to install first... then patch / update each segment and so on. I have REX, REX Extreme, REX Overdrive and REX too long to remember.... I am also curious what, with my initial purchase, REX will provide as far as your new software updates to your latest product. I didn't think one purchase years ago would give me never ending upgrades but... does it? Can I download the latest and greatest REX such that I am able to bypass trying to locate and upgrade / patch veering from my Base-Line REX? Or simple instructions on how to go from the first REX up to the latest and greatest My sincerest thanks for your time and support with my questions. -Taz Man .
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