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    But if before you don't have this problem ..! Do you clean all components PC Some +° with dust in your Computer ?? Patrick
  2. HI guys i install the lastest pack1 now ..I said you: THANKS to enhance and progressing devellopement REX.... Patrick
  3. YEA but is it and much more Patrick
  4. HI guys staff concept of this last software REXESSANTIAL+OD YOU KILL the weather with this soft it's A M A Z I N G.... B E A U T I F U L L........... there is no words to say you ! yep i know THANKSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Congratulation Neptune .
  5. HI GUYS TO diseable ERROR or OOM with FSX YOU Need to do this Go to your hardware where is installed FSX .. On the Folder Micosoft Flight Simulator X right Click PROPERTY autorised AllRIGHT administration and OK and qlso Sécurity PC // USERxxPC// and finish by apply and OK and now FSX can better without message Neptune
  6. YEA April showers brings May flowers. ! and for TOMATOS it was to late :D and .... could be an heavent Neptune
  7. have an idea for the download ?? it's*** essential*** now ? thanks regards