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  1. Nyxx

    ANSWERED Is REX ready for P3D v3

    Froogle says you can just point to your P3D to version 3 and it installs, but not tried it myself yet.
  2. Installed Essential last night and loaded up EGNX very close to where I live. WoW a thunderstorm, truly amazing what a great job on looks and sound. Thank you very much. One disappointment was some of my clouds where what a call copy and paste, really don't like seeing the same cloud pasted around the sky. I will choose new clouds, should sort that out. Thanks again for a stunning free upgrade.
  3. Nyxx

    What do I do with REX OD?

    thank you Peter.
  4. DL REX Essentials as I write from my FFS account. Do I simply un-install REX OD and install this REX Essential or do I have to wait for the OD update version. I'm happy to not have OD to be able to use your new weather engine. Thank you very much for this big update.
  5. Nyxx

    REX Essential - UPDATE

    Tim, My REX overdrive version is 2.5.2010.0820, so can i just delete it and DL the new full version from FlightSim Store under my account?
  6. Nyxx

    Support Verification

    Just to be added to the database - looking forward to REX essential.