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  1. Any news Federico was hoping it would happen before the weekend.
  2. Thank you for the reply, Federico. Thank you also for all your hard work, looking forward to the next patch very much.
  3. I've been looking through all the topics you have marked as Fixed in the next patch, water and Fog etc. All in Auto mode mainly. Can you give some ETA on the next patch as it looks to really move EF on? Please don't reply, with "it will be ready when its ready" reply please, thank you. Looking forward to it.
  4. Do you mean the horrible lighting above the PFD with the green red Artefacts? If so am sorry to tell you that's PMDG poor lighting it's just showing up more than normal because the VC is very light. It was the very reason I made my own light for the -8 https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/19480-pmdg-747-8f-update-14th-nov-v2/ Also If you use the NG you might want to use my NG lighting as this transforms the NG far more so that the -8 that even with the lighting mode has problems with textures. But the NG one works far better. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/19489-pmdg-ng-800wl-update-now-600700900/ PMDG still use a very poor way to light there VC. Hopefully, the NG3 will come with good lighting.
  5. I always un-tick all that rubbish in P3D and also turned all that stuff off in SF and EF. I don't want anything running in the background that to me is un-needed. I installed the PMDG 748 and NG last night. No problems at all.
  6. Hi Joe, I think Tim means, have the mini UI open to show the changers EF are making. I've seen this Joe but just put it down to the sun going behind clouds but after reading up, it sounds like it could be a known problem when using PTA/TS etc. You could test this by reinstalling the shaders back to default and run the test again, that would be really interesting, Joe. David.
  7. Are you using SF weather engine?
  8. I retain my VC lighting from my TS profile. Not sure how much of everything else is retained. But Apart from the Reflections and VC happy to see EF do it. Seems to do a great job.
  9. Thank you for clearing all that up. Really looking forward to the next update. It’s easy to how hard you are all working. Thank you.
  10. Hi Tim, Please forgive me but would it be possible to elaborate the consequences of turning off HDR within the miniUI (hopefully after the next patch this will not matter?) In Auto the mode I use one option is "Enable scene lighting", I loved in your stream where you showed how EF can desaturate water land class to fit the weather. To lighten or darken a scene. Does your HDR need to be enabled for this to work or not? Thank you and thank you for EF. David. @fs1 Sorry I don't see an option to PM you.
  11. Also, I've seen them like this even sitting at the airport.
  12. "Nothing we can do." There is something you can do Federico, you could stop it drawing them if the "call" is what you say or give an option to not draw Cirrus at all. Also, I never saw them like that with ASP4 and SF, not once.
  13. I also see this a lot and it's horrible as its an emersion killer. Here you can see it same repeat clouds in blocks of 4.
  14. Am running 1.1.1 not had any problems but not used it in PMDG NG. No wonder it was taken down. I wonder what will happen with 1.1.1 installed with the next patch?
  15. With the two updates and after trying many suggestions of how to not get the massive over brightness. The Question is what's the consequences of turning OFF HDR within the miniUI, I leave Auto lighting On within the main Auto EF options as I run with Auto mode. Does turning OFF EF HDR in the miniUI mean I get no auto cloud lighting/ground/water lighting anymore. Could you please explain the consequences of just turning OFF HDR with the miniUI. This also gives HDR control back to the P3D HDR interface. I understand that shaders onto off shaders are going to be problematic, but I just cannot gain control over EF HDR to stop the excessive brightness. EKey is not the answer its just a blunt tool. Are you still working on this HDR problem or not guys? David.
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