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  1. WX Advantage Radar for FSX and P3D Order Number: 784705 FSPilotShop.com posting for verification MODERATOR EDIT: Please check your private mail here on our forum. We have also emailed you. Thank you.
  2. To get verified: WX Advantage Radar, FlightSim Pilot Shop, order # 784705. Thank you.
  3. For verification: REX - REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive FSX P3D, ORDER Number: 1458584 (SimMarket) MODERATOR EDIT: We are trying to verify you, however the email associated with your account is giving us trouble and we cannot set your account accordingly. Allow us time to figure this out, and we thank you for your patience.
  4. Posting for verification here, REX Soft Clouds Order #345622, flightsim store. Thank you. Glenn
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