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  1. Thank you Tim, for your reply. I sent an email also to Reed, and he fixed the problem few hours ago. Thanks, now is working OK Alex
  2. I think the problem is my user names is associated to 2 email accounts and REX will take as the default one the email account that didnt bought P3D extension how can i merge both email accounts in one??
  3. Hello, I have just reinstalled P3D and RED Essential + on my new SSD and I realized P3D function on REX is not Activated. Why? I followed this nd no help: STEP 1 - To retrieve your user information, visit the following link: http://www.rexwebser...seraccount.aspx OK STEP 2 – To reset your Prepar3D access, visit the following link: http://www.rexwebser...validation.aspx NO HELP STEP 3 – Open REX and navigate to the CONFIGURATION MANAGER->GENERAL TAB STEP 4 - Select the RESTORE button under the BACKUP/RESTORE CONFIGURATION SETTINGS header. STEP 5 - Enter your username and password you created when you purchased the item. STEP 6 - Click the RESTORE button. This process will restore all your previous settings and restore your access to FlightAware and/or Prepar3D (if previously purchased) How can I solve this? thanks
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