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  1. That would be great, thank you for support!
  2. OK so that's the way to disable REX landing lights thank you. Is it a way to make the other REX landing lights except beechcraft ones working? Thks
  3. Hello, I only fly the md-11 from pmdg and noticed the landing lights disappeared with REX (they are much too far), unless we use the Baron Beechcraft landing lights theme. I'd like to try some other landing lights, why is it the only one working and what do I have to do to see the others? I let REX change all my textures before a flight because it's much more realistic so the landing lights are changing too. If they simply don't work with that aircraft, is it a way to let REX change every textures before a flight and keep the Baron Beechcraft lights? The other topic with this subject is locked... Thks!
  4. Hello, I like flying in real-weather conditions but I prefer flying thru thunderstorms with lot of turbulences and so, I want to use the random scenario option. I'd prefer to have storms in approach so I always select my arrival airport as the center of the storm on the weather map. But here is the problem, the storm is not present in FSX! Do I have to use WXPlus Weather engine or the Standard one? Do I have to select my departing or arrival airport in REXE? REX is injecting fair weather continuously "like in real-weather mode" all the way to destination and I have no problems with storms in Real-Weather Conditions mode. I want to use Random scenario to fly where my add-ons are, not searching for any storm in real time. So my question is: What do I have to do to get a thunderstorm at destination? Hope I was clear, I searched but I don't think this issue as been reported. Thks!
  5. Hi, After uninstalling REX 2, I downloaded it again from flightsim store but I woke up with REX Essentials and it tells me my P3D licence key (the one which worked in REX 2) is not valid.. What should I do? Best regards, My email is: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Order Number: FSS0154068 Order Date: 2012-03-01
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