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  1. Hi Guys, Just want to let you know the download, install and setup went smoothly. As far as the new look, in a word "OUTSTANDING"... Worth every penny of the $29.92 I've spent on REX4 for P3Dv2. Thanks
  2. Hi, I downloaded and installed the ENB addon and copied the three files into P3D's main folder. I then ran P3D 20 times with ENB on at startup and did not experience one crash. It works fine on my system. I know this may not be of any help to you... However, There is something you can try, if you have not tried it already. Open up the enbseries.ini file (located in your main P3d folder) and change the following [GLOBAL] UseEffect=1 change it to the following [GLOBAL] UseEffect=0 Setting this to 0 will tell ENB not to run at P3D startup, once P3D loads... Press Shift + F12, this will turn on ENB, Press Shift + F12 a second time to turn ENB off. I'm not sure what settings Tim is using in REX that gives him the view I've seen in his shots, so REX may be setup differently on my setup than his and/or yours. Hope this helps
  3. Hi, I run P3D on a stand alone computer and I run the following on my 2nd. computer via network: Wide Client, Simconnect, REX, PFPX, AS2012, FSCommander and FSBuild before installing PFPX. There IS an advantage in running these items on a second system, it frees up resources on your flight sim computer. I'd never go back to one computer, just like I'd never go back to one monitor. Hope this helps
  4. Hi, I don't have ENB setup with P3D ver 1.4, but I'll take a look. I have a fresh install of P3D, just have to find/install the files. I'll let you know what I find.
  5. Hi, I would like to be verified for REX Essential. Do I have the latest version of REX OD, my version is 2.5.2010.0820. Thanks
  6. Hi, My guess would be: Air Transport Sim Pilot.
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