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  1. Hi Tim, That's what I thought, but the only thing showing in my account here is HD Airports. Mike
  2. Hi, I purchased soft clouds back in 2014 (Invoice Number: IN000538) yet when I look in all of the stores you list as sellers I cannot find my purchased product. Thanks Mike
  3. Hi, Do we now add the order reference number to our signature for identification?. Didn't see an order number. Four minutes left to my download, SWEET.
  4. Hi Reed, Thanks for the quick reply. Mike
  5. Hi, I have misplaced my soft clouds installation file, is it possible to get a replacement or will I have to purchase again. Thanks Mike
  6. Hi Reed, The install issue has been corrected. Thank you
  7. Hi Tim, Thanks for the quick reply. I have plenty to keep me busy while I wait, I just finished setting up (with the help of Steve Cos) my new FDS 737NG flightdeck. I'll check back in a couple of days. Thanks again Tim Mike
  8. Hi, I purchased Soft Clouds on 12/29/14, my order number is OANVADLWO. When I try to install Soft Clouds into P3D3 I get the following error: You must have version 4.32014.1210 installed. The version I have is rextexturedirect_softcloud_20150115, I've downloaded all three additional files Service pack 1, Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 2 Hot Fix 1. Nothing installs, need some help.
  9. Hi Guys, Ok, I'll be running P3D 2.5 and I purchased the following from you guys. 1. RealEnvironmentXtreme (with update 2.0 and 3.0) 2. REX Essentials 3. REX Overdrive 4. REX Essentials Plus 5. REX Essentials Overdrive Plus 6. REX 4 Direct HD Textures 7. REX SoftClouds My question is, what needs to be installed... Is it just REX4DHD and REX Softclouds since I'll be using ASN for weather?. Thanks
  10. Hi, I run a triple monitor (5760x1200) myself, I've already informed L/M about this issue. It has been acknowledged (on their forum) but they didn't say anything about fixing the issue. I guess we can only hope it will be fixed, because in rain and/or snow it completely destroys the immersion factor.
  11. Hi Tim, That was it... AUD, US. I got it at $29.92 US. Downloading now. Thanks
  12. Hi Guys, Went on FSS and logged into my account. I see my other REX purchases but I'm not getting the discount. REX 4 Direct shown as $33.20. Thanks
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