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  1. Track IR

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, some good and bad comments in relation to TRACK IR but very interesting to get some feedback about it! Adam
  2. Can't decide?

    I'm running my fsx at 4.8ghz on an i7 overclocked sandybridge processor and a gtx 680 graphics card and the results are unbelievable. I have spent ages reading advice etc and finally the waiting has paid off!
  3. Track IR

    Thanks for the info. It does look V impressive
  4. Track IR

    Thanks for the link to that youtube clip, it does look impressive. Just didn't know if any REX users can give me some feedback as to their personal experiences with it. Appreciate it
  5. Track IR

    Does anyone have any reviews re performane of TrackIR5? Thanks
  6. New Intel ivy bridge processors

    http://www.pcworld.com/article/254713/intels_ivy_bridge_chips_appear_to_run_hotter_than_sandy_bridge_chips_when_overclocked.html This might make my mind up!!
  7. Doea anyone have any experience re performance of these processors for FSX? Is there any noticeable difference compared with sandybridge? Thanks
  8. REX and Prepar3d

    Really pleased Prepar3D supports most FSX add ons. It's definetly inspiring me to upgrade my PC! It's also pleasing to know REX is "on the ball" and will bring yet another quality product out to better support this sim. I downloaded Prepar3D yesterday, minus a few glitches in relation to the ATC window, I'm hoping this sim develops to something bigger.