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  1. Hi the REX Team, any news if possible? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I think this is a question for the REX Team We had exchanged/talked about the stretched clouds issue near the poles, I mean in Antarctica, where the clouds are misformed because of the "FSX engine limits". A solution, in my opinion, could be: imagine the clouds are well formed with an x X y picture, and that they're drawn/displayed as an x' X y' form that is odd where x' = x * xBadFactor and y' = y * yBadFactor. The source picture should then be done/drawn with an x / xBadFactor and y / yBadFactor so that it will be WELL FORMED when disformed by the engine. Am I well understood? Take an example: 1/ A cloud has a 1024(x) x 512(y) pixels size. 2/ Near the usual latitudes, it gets a good form: OK. 3/ Near the South Pole, it gets an odd stretched form, for example something that seems to be in fact a 512 x 384 pixels => in this case, deforming the original picture in a 2048 x 683 pixels will give a good 1024 x 512 when displaying in the South! Of course, the IHM should offer a checked box for example "flying near the Poles" to permit to choose the right set of cloud pictures/files. NB: piece on the cake, if a flight plan is active, the software could choose the good set of files itself If the REX Team could put this feature in REX Ess. OD, it could be GREAT!!! Thank you to have read my stuff and to try to understand... PS: I can more elaborate if needed (English isn't my first language thus perhaps it is understandable? Sorry if that's the case!) and in the starting blocks for beta test if wanted.
  3. Hi, Just a quick tip & trick: see that if interested (choose, read and apply the Eviter l'achat d'un disque ? topic).
  4. Hi, It will work! In short terms: - run REX, put the parameters you want; the only difference: untick the Cumulus Clouds option; minimize REX or close it - run SC, put the parameters you want; close it - run FSX or launch it from the REX Fly Now! menu. That's all, enjoy!
  5. Hello, Radical/drastic choice... What type of PC, and what perf. are you getting now? I mean with all the same parameters of the previous rig? Because it was pretty good (except perhaps the proc.)... Thank you.
  6. Hi, I think I won my bet THANK YOU A LOT REX Team! No problem with the update. And piece on the cake, it seems to me that I got some different weather in Antarctica! Need a lot of time to explore the functions now
  7. Hi, Thank you for cheering. Now the new version 1.2 is uploaded, with many new features and translated to english (software and documentation)! See the web site for details. Happy flights.
  8. Hi, I can now promise that you'll can enjoy this software in English if anyone interested. Next released status: soon...
  9. Hi, I just released an easy (free) tool to create mass (weight) quote that I called ULM for Universal Load Manager (on AVSIM). Based on FSX/Acceleration, FSUIPC and Excel, it may help you to configure your aircraft or helicopter as it manages both fuel and crew+passengers. If this raises a bit your interest you can find many informations in the web site on my avatar. Feel free to comment or post any question PS to administrators: if you think this is an awkward (clumsy?) advertising, please delete this post
  10. Hi Vasily, Thank you for your interest. For You in english, in 2 short words, the info is: copy the DLL you DO have on your PC instead of taking one from Internet. That's all. You should find YOUR DLL (same OS, same version, same language as YOUR OS...) in the folder C:\Windows\System32 ; then copy this one in your main FSX folder. Verify that FSX is OFF If the DLL is locked, reboot your PC and do the same things. Eventually, you have the SAME backuped DLL in the folder C:\Windows\winsxsx\86_microsoft-windows-uiautomationcore_* something like that (you can verify with a byte comparison, date, length, etc.). Please, tell me if that's OK! Thank you in advance.
  11. Same for me... I think he should try. Easy to go back if problem. No pb Gets, happy flying too.
  12. No problem Gets. Before, I've got a 7800GS... What I would mean: each PC, config°, rig, install° of FSX is different and all parameters are differents too. Thus, the one wants to know must have a try... Sometimes, the result isn't (and far) the one you expected. One example: I've tried a SSD; result: no change! Strange isn't it? And yes, I've got all the drivers, all the parameters, all the config° OK, updated, checked and so on... For me, useless (actually, or with my rig); I've got a possible explication: I'll check later but actually, a SSD in the actual conditions is for me useless as I said. Strange no? But I'm not the only one CQFD
  13. Hi, I DO have 4096 textures: choose them if it's your pleasure...
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