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  1. I am still getting confused, when i close the sim with ef running and i close ef permenatly and i turn on back the sim i get these gray skies etc . My question is should i run ef again when i want to run the sim suppose i dont want to use it ?
  2. My question is should i be doing this all the time when i close the sim ?
  3. How do u delete the cache ? I restarted the sim without EF.
  4. hey i installed the new update. it works fine when i start it up. i turn off the sim and i restart the sim and i get black grounds and grey skies. i have delete shaders re did the client and i start back EF and it worked but then i turn off the sim and utrn it back on this happens.
  5. Olease check your Personal message on this forum . Thanks .
  6. plz check your private email on forum
  7. hello. the version i have is for EF is 5.0.2019.0517. i have closed it several times and opened the sim and same thing. i have unistalled and reinstalled as well same issue.
  8. hi i am getting this error , my REX 5 is not even turned on and this is what i am getting. how to fix ? the error is YOUR VALIDATION PROCESS FAILED/ PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT
  9. Or p3d settings hdr off and use REX gorce hdr ?
  10. Hey just updated to the new REX 5 update , i open up the GUI menu , it shows me hdr which is on i click off and dont see a difference , is there anything i need to do.
  11. I already installed original shaders but still a issue , how to fix this ?
  12. I got Grey textures i the cockpit almost black and white on the ground after uninstalling it ? How to fix this ?
  13. Okay so when do i try this ? Can i try now ?
  14. This happens when your loading the flight up and it happens
  15. Please is it possible to send it to you by email cause the folder is big and i compressed it in rar ? Is t possible please .
  16. I got a rar file for the shaders how do i send it to you can i email it to you ? Pmdg active sky tomato shade sky force version 4.5 p3d
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