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  1. Yeap guys this is it. This is my current PTA ini. Take a look in the expressions i use for various adjustments. Elias-Stassinos-v24.ini
  2. If i need to keep PTA/reshade and use EF only for the texture sync and gradual cloud management, can i do it? Maybe EF to be ion auto with these settings?
  3. I quickly tried that and it seems that when i have my PTA ini and auto EF mode the mini UI doesn;t respond. For example cloud size does not work. If i restore P3D shaders and EF stioll in auto mode , the mini UI changes are showing....
  4. So, keep PTA shaders and use Auto mode of EF on top of that.
  5. I just bought EF after first updaqte is out. I need to use my own PTA and on top of that to use EF. Do i need to restore original shaders or i keep my pta profile and use EF?
  6. Hi! In my PTA profile i am using expressions to dynamically affect some aspects. Is there any possibility in EF to use Manual mode but have the opportunity (in mini UI maybe) to use expressions? That would give max flexibility in EF configuration.
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