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  1. Best GPU for Fsx

    Gigabyte GTX 780 TI GHZ Edition if you have the dosh for it :-)
  2. Looking to get a NEW System Need Some advise

    BSOD's are normally indicative of bad hardware in most cases. I replaced my old Q6600 on an x38 setup purely because of these errors. See my Sig for hardware.. I would suggest you go 4770k cpu on a sabertooth z87. You will need to check on compatible ram too. I setup win 8 on an SSD and FSX on another so used the following to configure win 8 for ssd http://thessdreview.com/ssd-guides/optimization-guides/the-ssd-optimization-guide-ultimate-windows-8-edition/ FSX was setup with Nick N's guide which is excellent : http://www.simforums.com/forums/topic29041.html (Don't bother looking at the new bible just yet as its still under construction) my nvidia inspector settings : As I am on win 8 x64, all my drivers are latest. Let me know how you go. Cheers, Marz
  3. FSX constantly crashes

    Totofree + 1. I had issues with FSX crashing etc but was resolved once I 1. got the right hardware setup and 2. installed FSX + Acc, FSGLOBAL, ORBX + REX ESS Plus O/D plus SP1 with very basic fsx.cfg tweaks (Bojote's FSX Tool) I am currently running on Win8 64 with no crashes so far. Did need the vista uiautomation file in the FSX root folder. Cheers, Marz
  4. Looking to get a NEW System Need Some advise

    I would suggest you keep your existing system and maybe overclock your i7 930 to 4Ghz and get a GTX 680 (2GB). I upgraded from i7 930 to an ivy bridge (i7 3770k) and DID NOT find that much of a difference.
  5. Flytampa Dubai re-booted includes the City!

    It's finally released btw & not DX10 Compatible :'(
  6. FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    I use a separate drive for flightsim and find it works best in this config. C: all windows stuff - 160 GB SSD D: flight sim. - 240 GB SSD E: all other 3d games n other stuff.. 2 TB Western Digital caviar Black Cheers
  7. Dx9 or Dx10 (fix)

    I am a strong supporter of FSX DX10 - It has improved framerates and the overall performance while in-game tremendously. I used this link for simple instructions to transition to DX10. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/387343-the-how-to-doc/ The best part is that it does not change a setting in DX9 apart from nVidia Inspector. You would need to make a snapshot of your DX9 NV inspector settings before proceeding. Cheers.
  8. FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    I am still a little hesitant but will go with what you've experienced. I remember the nightmare with windows Shista... Thanks Funnelpond.
  9. FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    Excellent! I'm still waiting on the w8 prof x64 DVD. Will start from scratch too. I heard performance improvements over on avsim. You noticed anything of that sort?
  10. FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    Thanks Funnelpond. Please let me know if you need a working copy of UIAutomationCore.dll
  11. FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    Thanks funnelpond, did you do a fresh install or upgrade over w7?
  12. REX Essentials

    I am a customer of FlightSimStore since forever and you have nothing to fear. The best in terms of service
  13. FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    Thanks Guys.. Will first upgrade my existing W7 Prof x64 edition to W8 then attempt a clean W8 install.
  14. Having just placed a pre-order on W8 Prof; am wondering if anyone (including the REX testing team) is running FSX DX10 with REX Essential + on W8 RC and have seen any hickups with FSX ?
  15. Update News?

    Spartan - your main issue of REX essential for sim market clearly needs addressing by the team. In terms of progress log, that looks more targeted at internal teams vs customers (users). Whilst yes comms are lacking from REX teams regarding progress updates, lets bear in mind REX-ess is FREE. So I am not too concerned as comms does take a lot of time which would be better spent on testing and fixing the product. Just my 2cents Cheers