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      PREPAR3D V4 – REX PRODUCT UPDATE: 9/13/2017   09/13/2017

      PREPAR3D V4 – REX PRODUCT UPDATE: 9/13/2017 The following is the latest progress summary of all products being updated to support Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v4. NOTE: Estimated release dates are subject to change so do not take these dates as firm dates.   PRODUCT STATUS ESTIMATED RELEASE DATE REX SOFT CLOUDS STATUS: DEPLOYED   Released to public.  You may download the full updated version from the store you purchased REX Soft Clouds   OR   Download the latest hotfix:   https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45290-rex-soft-clouds-service-pack-3-hotfix-5/     RELEASED REX TEXTURE DIRECT       STATUS: DEPLOYED   Released to public. You may download the full updated version from the store you purchased REX Texture Direct.   OR   Download the Service Pack:   https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45487-rex-4-texture-direct-enhanced-edition-upgrade/     RELEASED REX TEXTURE DIRECT W/SOFT CLOUDS STATUS: DEPLOYED   Released to public. You may download the full updated version from the store you purchased REX Texture Direct.   OR   Download the Service Pack:    https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45532-rex-4-texture-direct-wsoft-clouds-enhanced-edition-upgrade/   RELEASED REX SOFT CLOUD INTEGRATION STATUS: DEPLOYED   Released to public. You may download the full updated version from the store you purchased REX Texture Direct.   OR   Download the Service Pack for both Stand Alone and Add-On versions:   https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45646-rex-soft-clouds-integration-upgrade/     RELEASED REX TEXTURE DIRECT – STEAM EDITION STATUS: DEVELOPMENT   We are presently updating the product with the new Enhancement Features.   Q4 2017 WX ADVANTAGE RADAR STATUS: DEBUG   We are having to delay release of this update, due to inconsistent renderings and issues with P3Dv4.    Q4 2017 REX 4 WEATHER ARCHITECT STATUS: DEVELOPMENT   Code needs to be added to read locations for P3Dv4.  Code needed for implementation of 64bit Simconnect.   Q4 2017 REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD STATUS: DEVELOPMENT   Code complete. Texture updates required   TBD       REX ESSENTIALS + OVERDRIVE STATUS: ON HOLD   Code needed to read locations of P3Dv4.  Code needed for major over-haul to support 64bit.  Textures needed to be reviewed for support new lighting structure within P3Dv4..   ON HOLD


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  1. Hi Reed, Please would you be able to provide an update on where you are at with REX Sky Force ? I am hopeful it will be out this month. Marz
  2. bump.. is the above correct ?
  3. hint hint .. Wink Wink.. did any one read this ?? REX STORE AND FORUM UPDATE ALERT By rstough 09/06/2017 REX STORE AND FORUM UPDATE - ALERT DESCRIPTION: The REX Store will be moved to a new server system in preparation for the upcoming product releases of REX Sky Force and Environment Force. In addition, the REX Forum will be updated with the latest software builds. Thus, you may experience some outages during this time. START DATE/TIME: 9 PM (EST) / MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 END DATE/TIME: 5 AM (EST) / TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2017
  4. Hi Tim, I too am one of those customers that purchased both products as soon as they were ready years ago from FlightSim Store. I have these files: 1. rextd_sp7_20170814.zip and 2. rexsc_sp3_hotfix5_20170714.zip So my understanding, once P3Dv4 is instaled and setup - the following should be done: a. Install REX TD sp7 - Configure (directories etc) b. Install REX SC sp3 hotfix 5 and ensure the directories are correctly setup. Based on the above, the next time REX TD is fired up, it should load with SC integrated - Right? Regards, Marz
  5. If you click on the link and read with the description of the update you will find this : WARNING NOTE for REX Texture Direct users with Soft Clouds combined: DO NOT use this update! An update for REX Texture Direct/Soft Clouds will be available soon.
  6. If you read the page of Soft Clouds hotfix there is a requirements section. REQUIREMENTS REX Soft Clouds – Service Pack 3 – Hotfix 4 Seems like you need the earlier version installed to patch to the P3Dv4 version. Cheers, M
  7. Similar to John, am happy with REX products. they tick all boxes for me. I had Active Sky and would like to emphasise HAD! It was ok but REX are much better. Even now with P3Dv4 REX ess + Soft clouds updated works fine.. Cheers Marz
  8. Thanks, will give this ago once P3Dv4 is installed.
  9. Please would you share how you got REX ESS PLUS to work in v4? I am waiting on just this addon to work, will then move to P3Dv4. M
  10. Best GPU for Fsx

    Gigabyte GTX 780 TI GHZ Edition if you have the dosh for it :-)
  11. Looking to get a NEW System Need Some advise

    BSOD's are normally indicative of bad hardware in most cases. I replaced my old Q6600 on an x38 setup purely because of these errors. See my Sig for hardware.. I would suggest you go 4770k cpu on a sabertooth z87. You will need to check on compatible ram too. I setup win 8 on an SSD and FSX on another so used the following to configure win 8 for ssd http://thessdreview.com/ssd-guides/optimization-guides/the-ssd-optimization-guide-ultimate-windows-8-edition/ FSX was setup with Nick N's guide which is excellent : http://www.simforums.com/forums/topic29041.html (Don't bother looking at the new bible just yet as its still under construction) my nvidia inspector settings : As I am on win 8 x64, all my drivers are latest. Let me know how you go. Cheers, Marz
  12. FSX constantly crashes

    Totofree + 1. I had issues with FSX crashing etc but was resolved once I 1. got the right hardware setup and 2. installed FSX + Acc, FSGLOBAL, ORBX + REX ESS Plus O/D plus SP1 with very basic fsx.cfg tweaks (Bojote's FSX Tool) I am currently running on Win8 64 with no crashes so far. Did need the vista uiautomation file in the FSX root folder. Cheers, Marz
  13. Looking to get a NEW System Need Some advise

    I would suggest you keep your existing system and maybe overclock your i7 930 to 4Ghz and get a GTX 680 (2GB). I upgraded from i7 930 to an ivy bridge (i7 3770k) and DID NOT find that much of a difference.