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  1. a340500

    Support Verification

    REX Sky Force 3D, Order # XYAXCBMDG @ REX Store
  2. a340500

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Similar to John, am happy with REX products. they tick all boxes for me. I had Active Sky and would like to emphasise HAD! It was ok but REX are much better. Even now with P3Dv4 REX ess + Soft clouds updated works fine.. Cheers Marz
  3. a340500

    Best GPU for Fsx

    Gigabyte GTX 780 TI GHZ Edition if you have the dosh for it :-)
  4. a340500

    Looking to get a NEW System Need Some advise

    BSOD's are normally indicative of bad hardware in most cases. I replaced my old Q6600 on an x38 setup purely because of these errors. See my Sig for hardware.. I would suggest you go 4770k cpu on a sabertooth z87. You will need to check on compatible ram too. I setup win 8 on an SSD and FSX on another so used the following to configure win 8 for ssd http://thessdreview.com/ssd-guides/optimization-guides/the-ssd-optimization-guide-ultimate-windows-8-edition/ FSX was setup with Nick N's guide which is excellent : http://www.simforums.com/forums/topic29041.html (Don't bother looking at the new bible just yet as its still under construction) my nvidia inspector settings : As I am on win 8 x64, all my drivers are latest. Let me know how you go. Cheers, Marz
  5. a340500

    FSX constantly crashes

    Totofree + 1. I had issues with FSX crashing etc but was resolved once I 1. got the right hardware setup and 2. installed FSX + Acc, FSGLOBAL, ORBX + REX ESS Plus O/D plus SP1 with very basic fsx.cfg tweaks (Bojote's FSX Tool) I am currently running on Win8 64 with no crashes so far. Did need the vista uiautomation file in the FSX root folder. Cheers, Marz
  6. a340500

    Looking to get a NEW System Need Some advise

    I would suggest you keep your existing system and maybe overclock your i7 930 to 4Ghz and get a GTX 680 (2GB). I upgraded from i7 930 to an ivy bridge (i7 3770k) and DID NOT find that much of a difference.
  7. a340500

    Flytampa Dubai re-booted includes the City!

    It's finally released btw & not DX10 Compatible :'(
  8. a340500

    FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    I use a separate drive for flightsim and find it works best in this config. C: all windows stuff - 160 GB SSD D: flight sim. - 240 GB SSD E: all other 3d games n other stuff.. 2 TB Western Digital caviar Black Cheers
  9. a340500

    Dx9 or Dx10 (fix)

    I am a strong supporter of FSX DX10 - It has improved framerates and the overall performance while in-game tremendously. I used this link for simple instructions to transition to DX10. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/387343-the-how-to-doc/ The best part is that it does not change a setting in DX9 apart from nVidia Inspector. You would need to make a snapshot of your DX9 NV inspector settings before proceeding. Cheers.
  10. a340500

    FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    I am still a little hesitant but will go with what you've experienced. I remember the nightmare with windows Shista... Thanks Funnelpond.
  11. a340500

    FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    Excellent! I'm still waiting on the w8 prof x64 DVD. Will start from scratch too. I heard performance improvements over on avsim. You noticed anything of that sort?
  12. a340500

    FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    Thanks Funnelpond. Please let me know if you need a working copy of UIAutomationCore.dll
  13. a340500

    FSX DX10 - REX Essential + on Windows 8?

    Thanks funnelpond, did you do a fresh install or upgrade over w7?
  14. a340500

    REX Essentials

    I am a customer of FlightSimStore since forever and you have nothing to fear. The best in terms of service