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  1. Again I can enjoy TD+SC (in P3Dv4), thank You REX Team!
  2. Many thx for info. The wallet is ready :D.
  3. Hi, I'd like to know any about performance of incoming Sky Force 3D, especially in full overcast weather. I know, it has heavy impact for PC always, but how will work here? The same like TD/Soft clouds, worse or better? Example: in P3Dv4 (but it was the same in FSX or P3Dv1-3) I have good fps with nice antialiasing (near stable 60 fps, blocked by refresh rate of monitor) but with overcast+rain I have something like 30-40 fps, the reason is performance of many kind of clouds + anitialiasing (4xSGSS and 4xMSAA + FXAA in the sim). So the Sky Force 3D will do something with performance here or not?
  4. Thx, Im waiting for the update of TD/SC bundle. Hope soon :). Thank You for hard work and new content.
  5. Thx for this great news! Any preview screenshots from P3Dv4? Will we recive new sets also?
  6. No, You will see some of bugs (lighting) in v4 if You do this. Wait for new TD/SC update (next week I hope).
  7. Ohhh, pity but I understand, you need more work . TY for update.
  8. Thank You. The bundle will include this hotfix?
  9. Are You sure? No info about P3Dv4 ready (in the store also) https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/announcement/11-prepar3d-v4-REX-product-update-7282017/ : Im still waiting for REX TEXTURE DIRECT AND SOFT CLOUDS BUNDLE P3Dv4 ready.
  10. I noticed this (but its TD/SC version for FSX/P3Dv2, v3):
  11. Cant wait of patch for TD+Soft Clouds for P3Dv4 :). 8 VIII 2017 is current still , maybe faster ? btw. what I noticed in current TD (changes only line from P3Dv3 to P3Dv4) I have strange lens flare (the sun - box of texture), so decided to install backup of orginal files of P3Dv4.