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  1. Hi, I have just purchased REX MILVIZ - WX ADVANTAGE RADAR for P3dv4.3 and am having problems. For verification purposes; I purchased the product from Simmarket on 18th August 2018 and my order number is 1890011 The problem that I am having is that after I have installed the software, first disabling my anti virus and ensuring that my UAC is set to never report, when I install the radar to an aircraft, start up my P3dv4.3 simulator and select the aircraft that I have added the weather radar, the sim crashes to desktop. I have tried several different aircraft and the same result. Also, when I remove the radar from the aircraft and try to load the aircraft again, it still crashes to desktop. The only way I can prevent this is to uninstall the entire program. One other point; when I click on the uninstall radar button and remove it from the aircraft that I had selected, one of my aircraft, Carenado H25B H850XP, is included in the uninstall list, but I have not installed it to this aircraft! I am a tad confused and any assistance would be appreciated. any thanks, Dave
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