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  1. Thanks again. I did send an email but also want to report here for anyone having trouble with textures loading in FSX from REX. I checked both REX and FSX /Microsoft Flight Simulator X/ and /REX Essentials Plus/ folders and found they were not sharing on my Windows 10 machine. I changed them both to share and REX successfully loaded the textures into FSX. The WX window is still showing that error though it seems like weather is being injected. Details sent in email.
  2. Thanks for your help. At least I know it works on your end. I will try a re-install as you suggested. Looks like I will be saving up for REX 5 hopefully in the near future. I bought REX shortly after I first started with FSX so I never really flew without REX clouds. The default clouds are killing me. 😆
  3. Ok. I also attached the error I get with the weather window. REX.exe.config
  4. REX installed in C> REX Essential Plus. No Overdrive in the folder title. But Overdrive appears on the splash screen. Did you mean REX.exe config file? The REX.exe file is too big to attach The Metar folder is empty. I attached the MetarXML file. metar_report.xml
  5. Hi. I just installed REX Essentials Plus on my new windows 10 machine. I followed all directions for the configure manager, picked my textures as usual and installed. But when I launch the game, I still see default clouds. Also, the weather engine will not load. I get an error every time I try to use it. Any help is appreciated. I seen some threads with this same issue but those people were told to PM or make a ticket so I do not see how/if any of those cases were resolved. NOTE: I read somewhere that FSX should not be installed in the default directory (Program Files x86) Is this true? I really hope I don't have to do that because my FSX discs take forever to install on this machine. It took me many hours to get where I am now installing all my FS stuff. I hope there's a solution where I don't have to re-install everything. Thanks in advance.
  6. Just letting y'all know that I have REX Essentials+ Overdrive installed and working beautifully. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the excellent support as usual. I started downloading. I will report if all is well once I install and test tomorrow evening.
  8. Sorry for my delayed response. I went ahead and updated to 20130715. All is working ok. And yes I would like to get overdrive...why not. I hope I didn't move too fast installing SP2.
  9. I downloaded and got it installed. The version number is 3.2.2013.0415. I have a feeling I need SP2 installed(20130715), am I right?
  10. Thanks Tim. I will report back tomorrow as I will have to download overnight. I can say the file size is the same as the one I have in the folder. Though I have a fealing it's the same file, I will download it anyway to be sure.
  11. In that case the "rexessplus_rexess_20121028" I mentioned above is the file I downloaded from FSS that is still there I think. I can't tell what version is in the FSS but would hate to download again if I already have it. My internet is not that fast and it's over 4Gigs. What about REX 4? Ok, I read through this thread: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/30764-i-am-way-behind/ I now understand that REX 4 is a new product and not free. From reading that thread I also get that if I install the version I have now, I can go through the auto-updater and be brought up to date. What will I be brought up to? Overdrive is not a big deal for me because there is a favorite cloud set I have that does not require me to have OD. I want to do as little downloading as possible. So do I first get myself up to 20130715 or can I just install 20121028 and do the auto update?
  12. Thanks Tim, but the only thing in my downloads is REX Essential Plus.
  13. It's been a while since I had to do a fresh REX install and I'm kinda lost. I have a folder with a few REX setup files but I'm seeing newer versions I never downloaded. The following is what I have in my folder: rexessplus_rexess_20121028 rexessplus_sp1_20121028_to_20130415 rexessplus_sp2_20130715_patch Do I have to go through all these installs or is there a newer one I can use one time? I used to have Overdrive but REX Essentials with OD is not in my downloads section at FSS (Only REX Essentials Plus). Am I elegible for it with OD? Am I elegible for an even newer version of REX (REX 4) or would that be a new purchase?
  14. I just did a reinstall and installed everything at the root C: location. I'm now up to date.
  15. I just did a reinstall of FSX and REX Essential Plus. I am in the process of installing service packs. I successfully installed to version 1028. Now when installing SP2 I notice there's a REX folder in C:/ as well as a REX folder in C:/Program files. I'm not sure which one to point it at as the instructions does not say. And I also wonder if I did something wrong or is there supposed to be REX folders in those 2 locations. The one in the Program Files folder seems to be the main instalation. So which folder does SP2 go?
  16. Sorry for the delayed response. I got the issue sorted but I think I need to upgrade my system to take advantage of REXPLUS. I think my video card is starting to show it's age. The WASys screen consistently crashes after injecting weather successfully in the beginning. I notice that 15 minutes pass and no weather updates was injected so I end the flight and find WASys crashed. The shape of the WASys is there but the FSX screen is stuck where the screen should be and it's unresponsive. I am also noticing other display issues during flight so I will hold my judgement until I get my system in good order. Thanks for your help. I will revisit this when I get a new graphics card.
  17. I tried STANDARD MODE and set it to load everty 15 minutes and unchecked the synoptic interpolation. I'm good with this. So far so good. I just wonder if I'm missing out on anything from the WXPLUS mode.....but I guess I won't miss what I don't know as long as I am ok with what I have now.
  18. Actually I been using WXPLUS mode. I'm gonna try out the standard mode today. I wanted to experience the PLUS mode but maybe it's not for me. I will report my experience when I finish my flight later. I think this was moved in the wrong section. I do not have P3D.
  19. Is there a way to enjoy cloud formations at any given injection for a long period of time or say within a zone without it changing frequently? I set my weather injection to every 6 minutes. Obviously I understand that the sky is changing every 6 minutes due to injection but even every 10 minutes is too frequent for me. Watching the clouds change so often is not cool for me. I like to watch the formations as I fly through different regions. I went to confirm I had 3D smoothing checked to see if that would help. I read in the manual that 3D smoothing is supposed to inject weather ahead of the aircraft to smooth the transition. But after checking 3D smoothing, I am still experiencing clouds changing immediately when weather is injected. Before I start moving sliders around again, I just wanted to see if I can get some direction on the experience I am going for. I would rather see an injection every 15 minutes or more. Even 30 minutes. What configuration would give me such an experience? I read the manual but I only see information concerning the WXPLUS mode but not sure of the difference between the two (PLUS vs STANDARD) and what to expect reletively.
  20. Ok Pete. Ill try that. I guess it takes patience for a good thing.
  21. Honestly I'm trying to hang in there for the new build but I'm starting to lean towards going back to 2.0 for 2 reasons. I recently did a long overdue reformat and finally got around to doing a fresh install of everything. I downloaded the new REX Essentials Plus from FSS and installed. Before I could even point it to the program folder I found myself unable to do anything because I have to wait for a weather download. Why??? So after trying it again I said no big deal, it's not like I will launch REX everytime I want to fly because the engine will start once I launch FSX (knowing I clicked the box that says automatically launch weather engine). So I fired up FSX to discover that the weather engine did not launch automatically, came here to the support forums and found this disappointing thread. So this means everytime I want to take a flight I have to wait for REX to download something before I can click a button. Is there anyway you guys can make the start automatically thing optional for those of us who had no problem with it? It would really make a world of difference. Or, not require us to have to wait for REX to download before enjoying a flight or simply change a texture set?
  22. Been working lately so couldn't fly these past few days to test. How do I make a weather log file in fsuipc?
  23. Thanks for your replies. I did try a reload by right clicking the border and stil had no clouds but rain. Seems like the weather was right but the cloud coverage just didn't match. I will try again later when and report back.
  24. Hello. I been reading through the threads to see if these issues were answered but see most users are running windows 7. I noticed the suggestion to right click the exe an click run as admin but when I right click I do not get such an option. I am running XP. Does this suggestion/rule apply to XP users and if yes, what do I click on to run as admin? I see "Current user (my name) and under that an option that seems to require filling in a name where the word "Administrator" is to be replaced. Not sure how to proceed. My second question is about how the clouds are supposed to show. I recently started a flight to start from KNUW where it is currently raining. When loading is complete, the rain is there but no clouds, only high stratus clouds scattered like a clear day with haze. I set the cloud density to 12 in the config after making sure it was maxed out in FSX. How do I fix this?
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