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  1. I finally got a chance to install FSX and my Evo Force and it seems to be working fine with those drivers. I just disabled force feedback for now and will try that out another day. Thanks again. The FSX installation took super long. Still have Acceleration to install too but not sure if it's essential. One more question. What is the latest REX package I can get to update from REX Essentials? It's been so long I feel like I missed a lot. I will eventually get the latest REX product but for now I just want to make sure I experience the latest version I can.
  2. Thanks. I will try this out and report back here about the results on my end.
  3. Hi, it's been a long while since I been here. I want to get flying again. Since the last time I took a flight, I built a new windows 10 system so I know my Saitek Cyborg Evo Force is not gonna work on this machine. Can anyone recommend a good flight stick that is compatible with Windows 10 and also have force feedback? New Specs: Windows 10, i7-8700k, 32gb RAM, GTX 980Ti
  4. Hi! Like the title says, it's been a very long time since my last visit. I remember a very active screenshot section I loved to browse through. Is it gone now? I don't see it and maybe I'm missing something?
  5. I got it up and running. I am all smiles as I can see for the first time all my sliders to the right at ultra high by default. I just turned off the aircraft shadows on itself, brought resolution to my monitor's native, set the draw distance. So far so good. I tried out clicking on the DX10 preview. I see some flickering in the water and had to redo the anti-aliasing and resolution. I also noticed the shadows on the aircraft was jagged even with AA on (that's why I turned it off). Is DX10 preview worth it? Will installing REX make a difference?
  6. Thanks Ebo. So should I make a folder in the "C" drive for installation staying away from even the "Program Files" folder? I just want this to be as non-complicated as possible. I'm reading about a lot of people installing FSX on different hard drives etc. making it seem like a real task and reqirement to have multiple hardrives and pointing add-ons from all over the place. I'm just an XP refugee who's used to simple clean installations. I just learned about UAC. It reminds me of Zone Alarm. I used to love that program.
  7. Hello everyone. I finally joined the 64bit club as it was very hard for me to leave XP. I just built a new PC with an i7-4930k CPU at 3.4GHz, 16gigs of RAM, NVidia GTX 760 OC ATX 2Gb, 256GB SSD. This is my first time installing on windows 7 and I was wondering if there is anything for me to do differently than I did on XP?
  8. First off I am not using this as a gaming rig so this is not a PC I intend to fly on. I have a system with dual quad core Xeon E5-2407 at 2.2GHz processors, 32gigs of RAM, and two 1T hard drives on a Supermicro 1356 X9DBL-iF motherboard. I work in a new animation studio where I do 3D environments. This machine was just sitting in the studio for months and no one knows where it came from so I decided to try and use it since it's the only PC in there and I'm the only PC user...why let it sit there and rot? I'm gonna give it a shot but I am very curious about the system and how far I can go with it. I plan on putting in a EVGA Geforce GTX 760 card because I hate onboard video. I know it is a lower end Xeon processor without hyperthreading and it is used mostly for servers but I'm not making a big deal about getting 3.5+GHz because I'm optimistic about the fact it has 2 quad core processors and my programs are well multithreaded. My system at home is 32bit XP q6600 quad core at 2.4GHz and no hyperthreading with 3.25 gigs of RAM and I'm doing just fine with what I do. My XP system is what I play FS with REX on. I will be using the Xeon system for simple modelling and light 3D rendering. I installed windows 7 pro but I didn't use it yet so I do not have an opinion about it. I'm still waiting on the GPU card. I been searching the net and I'm having a hard time finding user reviews about this system. Does anyone here know about this system? I would like to learn more about its capabilities.
  9. I just recently got back into the FSX skies and have a question. I just upgraded to REX ESSENTIAL PLUS BUILD 3.3.2013.0715. In REX 2.0 I remember I just had to launch FSX and the weather engine would launch with it. Now I think I understand that we have to launch through REX program (please correct me if I'm wrong). When I exit FSX and the weather engine I notice the REX program is still running and I have to close that too. Is it now 3 things running when flying with REX? Is there a way to run with only the weather engine without the whole program in the background?
  10. I got it sorted. I uninstalled the drivers for the onboard Realtek audio in an effort to force FSX to my soundcard. I still had the problem so I reinstalled the drivers and switched my headphones to the onboard audio jacks (why I didn't think of this earlier, I don't know). Now the sound problem is gone. I was lazy during my last reformat and was using the onboard audio for a while. Once I installed the drivers for my soundcard, I guess the sounds for FSX in flight wanted to stick to the onboard audio.
  11. This is not a REX problem so I thought it would be apropriate to post here. I have a sound issue that renders my FSX unbearable to play. The sound is just fine on the opening screen and the menus. But when I launch a flight, I get a noise so loud in the cockpit, I want to throw my headphones away from me. Pressing "Q" multiple time helps clear it up a bit but does not get rid of the problem. I even uninstalled FSX completely and reinstalled. I thought the sound problem was fixed but as soon as I tried looking around in the cockpit view, the noise started up again. Cycling through views has an effect on this noise also and when decending and easing back on the throttle. After reading many FSX sound issue posts around the net, I think it has nothing to do with a FSX bug. I think this has something to do with my system. I'm suspecting my video card drivers I updated months ago but I am far from an expert on these things and don't want to risk doing any damage to my system just for FSX to work. I'm looking for an understanding about sims like FSX and the relationship with video and sound card drivers. Has anyone here ever experienced this sound issue? Does anyone know what in a system can be suspect and what may likely fix it? I have a Creative Sound Blaster sound card and a Geforce9800GT.
  12. I haven't been here much except for some brief lurking and totally missed the Auto Update release (which I think is a great tool). After downloading I realized I didn't thoroughly read the system requirements. I'm still using XP. I noticed the system requirement is Vista sp2 and higher. Will there be any support for XP or what would happen if I try to use it?
  13. Thanks a lot Jaykae! I used the IDM you suggested and it worked beautifully. What a difference. I will finally enjoy essentials today.
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