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  1. We are experiencing a new real simulation period.

  2. Defragmenter, extra breath for FSX

    Sorry, Tim, do not understand the question, (such as?). Use the google translator and some terms are vague. However I reported in my post the importance of using a good defragmenter almost daily, especially after a long flight. This improves the performance of FSX combined with all addons. Usage example: "O & O Defrag".
  3. Besides a good hardware, video card, processor and memory coupled with a smooth and agile hard disk, it took me some time to use with satisfaction and no problems (freezing, crashes, etc.). What's the secret? A good, profissonal for hard disk defragmenter. I have FSX, PMDG, REX besides other adds quality, in full configuration. Respecting the limits of FSX, I now have the pleasure to program, start and end a flight without any surprise crashes or freezes.