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  1. We are experiencing a new real simulation period.

  2. Ok, I understand, I will make the choice just by REX 4. My intention was to have greater variety of textures, however the REX 4 is more agile and interactive with FSX. Thank you for your attention, please close the topic.
  3. I have not installed the REX Essential Overdrive. I just REX Texture Direct / Soft Clouds version 4.7.2015.1006. So the reason for my question, I can install Essential on REX Textures? Thank you, and already wishes for peaceful New Year.
  4. Ok, exactly. I can install OD Essentials, even if you have installed the REX 4 funcioning normally? I wonder if it would have any advantage in respect of cloud options? Respect your advice. If so, how to start the installations? Thank you.
  5. how to proceed install REX Essentials Plus Overdrive the set. What are the sequences of files, main eand upgrades. I have installed REX 4 - Texture Direct, Soft . which the sequences of files to be installed Thanks
  6. I have installed REX 4Texture Direct integrated with Soft Clouds version: 4.4.2015.0115 I would like to know what procedure to update currently released. Besides these, also have the REX Plus Overdrive thanks for attention
  7. Dear Sir, At this time cranked the REX4 Textures and ICAO´S returned to work. I do not know what happened, but it's all right now. Anyway thank you for your attention. Wishes for peace and health this weekend.
  8. Ok, tks, Below are some examples, but others with initials SB .. also do not open or update SBBR / SBGL / SBSP / SBGR / SBUR / SBSV / SBGO / SBPA / SBCT / SBRJ / SBCF / SBBE / SBBH
  9. Good afternoon, I'm not able to see the conditions in the metar airports. When entering the station does not appear. Normal Argentina. North America is normal. Brazilian ICAO does not work. It would be indeed related to servers? I appreciate the help, Baptista
  10. Dear Sir rstought , recent News , Checking another post, including a Brazilian, I found that the user was typing with wrong spelling. "administrator". The administrator is right. Done that, got the REX4 install without problems, after 05 days of despair. It was my mistake, I confess. Sorry for the inconvenience and your time. I think it's my advanced age. Have a good 2014 with much health and peace and patience with us. Please close the post, grateful
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I have performed your instructions, thanks Baptista
  12. The error insists Good evening gentlemen of support. Whatever was mentioned in the first topic of this forum and tried, but was unable to instalaro REX4. The installation screen appears always saying that an error occurred. I'm 64 with Windows 8, admin user running with administrator rights, UAC off, firewall off and nothing. Efetueio Download Site Flightsim Store. User'm REX from the start. Never gave up, but now I need your help. I resumed my FSX also zero due to this error, but so far I can not install .. I'm ready to move options. Thanks and I look
  13. Exactly commander, do not do this, I open my fsx with administrator rights, and lost all my installed adds. Are in subdirectories but the program does not recognize them anymore. All registered and pay adds, installed over more than three years. I begin all over again and I hope the creators of an alternative REX4 to resolve this. I would love to know if they are working on it.
  14. I did all the instructions posted on this forum and was unable to install REX4. The damn message keeps popping up to 72 hours. (Laughing in my face) I got a big headache, because change in my main user (suggested in the forum) I lost several files and settings. I have a PC dedicated exclusively to FSX, and this time I think I lost a few months of setting optimized to run even after these suggested changes. I'm really frustrated with a feeling of total disability. I bought and did not take. But I still have hopes for a solution before Christmas ...
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