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  1. Great news. I look forward to these textures on my flights. Anything new about REX Sky Force for P3d v4? Thanks for the update.
  2. Sorry, Tim, do not understand the question, (such as?). Use the google translator and some terms are vague. However I reported in my post the importance of using a good defragmenter almost daily, especially after a long flight. This improves the performance of FSX combined with all addons. Usage example: "O & O Defrag".
  3. Besides a good hardware, video card, processor and memory coupled with a smooth and agile hard disk, it took me some time to use with satisfaction and no problems (freezing, crashes, etc.). What's the secret? A good, profissonal for hard disk defragmenter. I have FSX, PMDG, REX besides other adds quality, in full configuration. Respecting the limits of FSX, I now have the pleasure to program, start and end a flight without any surprise crashes or freezes.