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  1. Hi Tim Reed It's like a whole new weather engine.the improvements are a giant leap forward for REX Essential.two and a half hour flight with constant cloud cover the whole way. Now you know i'm a REX fan and never complained about disappearing clouds while it loaded.that is now a thing of the past.and it makes a vast difference to REX essentials weather engine. just wanted to say thanks for the update and best wishes to you both. steve
  2. Hey kees. Great to see you back here. always wondered where you went,we all move on and life takes over but great to see you back steve
  3. Hi victor i think if you create a flight plan inside the REX weather program it will install the textures closest looking to what the weather is. i never use this option so sorry for not being very precise.but this is how i understand it works. steve
  4. There is a fix for the vertical clouds on the prepar3d website.it's a new shader file.might help here's a link http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/topic/fix-for-cloud-issues-in-2-4/ steve
  5. Hi guys Over at Avsim there is a post asking for help with Soft clouds.here is a link.i could be wrong.just have a feeling that they are using Pirated versions http://forum.avsim.net/topic/459215-REX-softclouds-install/page-1 one says he's using REX4 Texture direct and soft clouds another poster says he's just got Soft clouds.when i suggested they use the REX forums they didn't respond to my post.maybe you could check it and see if they are legit users.before i get in trouble with TOM :-) steve
  6. Hi Rodney I use all 3 together. I use REX Essential for the weather engine.REX4 for all other textures and sounds ,except for LOW/Mid level clouds .I use REX Soft Clouds for those(best ever) Owning all 3 just give me a greater choice of textures and sounds.so well worth the investment. you could just buy any one of these and use them on there own,as they are all standalone products.if i was asked which ONE should i buy ..it would be REX Essential because it includes the weather engine and great cloud and water textures.and REX soft clouds....sorry that's TWO hope this helps steve
  7. yeh me too..wouldn't use anything else now.. also the new SP3 for REX ESS makes a massive difference.it's like a new weather engine. steve
  8. Reed i totally understand..should have left it for a few days before posting..sorry i could blame alcohol..problem is ,i;m teetotal for 9 years. steve
  9. Hi trying to buy the soft cloud pack i can't create an account. it only has the United states in the country list. as I live in the uk i can't create an address as part of the buying process . any ideas steve
  10. really nice interview.you guys come across really well and sounds like you had a lot of fun. strange to hear your voices after all these years steve
  11. These Photos are absolutely beautiful.the best storm photos i've ever seen. Of course i'm glad i wasn't there steve
  12. Hi mate You can start REX with Admin rights.right click the shortcut then go to properties/advanced.put a tick in the administrator box. To start REX and FSX Right click the shortcut and select Run As Administrator ,that's how i do it and have never had a problem. steve
  13. Hi Luis if you click on the i button in the top right hand corner and then click the Check for Updates button in the bottom right corner.it will automatically check for you. I'm fully updated and my version is 4.2. 2014.0520 steve
  14. belynz..keep doing what you do. 100 per cent support from me. steve
  15. Hi Mate REX 4 doesn't have a built in weather program .that is coming very soon !! there are two new programs coming.. Weather Architect,where you can design your own weather. and Weather Direct which is a new Real world weather program. as with all REX software there are bound to be some Groundbreaking stuff included. best wishes steve Tim you beat me to it
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