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  1. I think you maybe slightly confused.this is a texture upgrade to all airports worldwide.Buildings vehicles and jetways .they do release single airports ,but so far only one has emerged which was KSLC these are called Enhanced airports,and they get a full makeover.it's also due an update to sort out a few missing building texture problems.nothing drastic. hope this helps steve
  2. Dan you could just check the weather conditions for the area you want to fly in and use Weather Architect to create the weather in your sim.No loading of online weather as you fly.and it would be the same without the weather engine running in the background. just an idea. steve
  3. Hi mate Do you have FSX installed outside of the program files?? ie C:\FSX. having it installed using program files path can cause security issues.also applies to REX products. steve
  4. Hi mate can't find anything specific ,only thing i can find is a windows office install that failed because of the same error.looks like a windows 8.1/microsoft problem. steve
  5. The soft clouds are a standalone product for the time being. The idea is to intergate them into REX 4 texture Direct in the not too distant future. so to install them just point them to your FSX installation,pick the set you like and away you go. If you have a good machine ,choose the 32 bit set. should add that if you are prone to wetting yourself while flying through clouds in FSX,i would invest in a Watercooling kit for your CPU.that way you can overclock to 6GHZ and keep yourself dry steve
  6. As far as i know it's a prepar3d problem.there is a fix using some text from a previous version by Rob ainscough,although i read somewhere that it causes other problems. as version 2.5 is due in january i'm going to wait and see if they fix it properly.if not i'll have a little fiddle no doubt. all i can say denis is that you are not alone and it is quite a common problem.nothing to do with the soft clouds as i've seen this before i installed them. best wishes steve
  7. Hi mate easily solved.but you need to be verified before i can help you. steve
  8. could i suggest setting cloud density to max as well.just did that myself and the results are incredible. i wouldn't have believed moving up one notch could make such a difference. If like tim says the weather dictates it you will have proper overcast at this setting.just been trying it and you cannot see the ground at all. steve
  9. Hi Reed. Here you go http://imageshack.com/a/img33/2654/lzx4.png http://imageshack.com/a/img41/7607/y3uo.png I've tried raising and lowering every slider .only one that does anything is texture resolution.that just makes the lines fatter of thinner depending which way you go. thanks steve
  10. Hi Galen No not the light..thats from helicopter..it's the Straight lines that form a grid...the helicopter is over water and that's what my water looks like at night. cheers steve
  11. Hi Reed Just wanted to let you know this has nothing to do with REX Ess or REX4.i just installed a basic copy of FSX without SP1 or Acc and the lines are still there. it's a strange problem because the bigger the texture resolution the fatter and bigger the lines get.i'll try and post a photo thanks steve http://imageshack.com/a/img22/6623/mcgl.png
  12. Hi I have a problem with my night time water textures.I'm using REX4 with ORBX NCA,PNW. During the day they look fantastic..night time the water has a black grid on it made up of thin lines.trying to put a photo up.. hope you don't mind me posting here as i'm pretty sure this isn't a REX problem.just wondered if anyone had been through the same thing and solved it. thanks for any help steve
  13. Tim thanks mate.No problem at all. I'm a fiddler if you know what i mean.can't leave things alone take care steve
  14. hi all is there a way to slow down the loading of the Live weather update . seems to start every two minutes or so and clouds disappear and new weather is injected.. I've tried different settings ,still no change.i'm using WXPlus mode so maybe you can't change that setting,thought i'd ask though in case i missed something. thanks for any ideas steve
  15. Hi kees because i don't drink alcohol i'm on a whole different level to drunk people,i just find them really funny it's been a while and REXE seems to be working really well after Tims suggestion.this can be marked as resolved take care kees steve
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