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  1. I just may do that! thanks for the wonderful products though I appreciate them to no end!
  2. Hi guys, I love REX but when I install I have to go from REX 2.0 and upload the service packs and hop along the builds etc. I don't mind it but I have to be very careful and it can take some time. Is there ever going to be a one stop shop for REX ESS + OD that I can skip to at some point? thanks!
  3. Oh ok, well that would explain it thanks very much you can mark this as *RESOLVED*
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to re download REX Auto Updater, yet when I click on the Learn More it brings me to the top of the release/news feed, is there a direct URL link to the file that I can have? thanks!
  5. awesome! let me know how they work out
  6. With all the hours i've logged in Sims I have never known of this little trick: it basically reduces the effect of the Rain/Snow, and while it's not a VC rain fix or a drastic change, it's just enough to really stand out in my opinion. The trick is to navigate to Rain.fx found here : C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\ShadersHLSL. First make a backup of the file Rain.fx (always do this) on line 64 From this: float4 cColor = float4(1,1,1,In.cDiffuse.w) * (cColor0 + cColor1); To this: float4 cColor = float4(0.4,0.4,0.4,In.cDiffuse.w) * (cColor0 + cColor1); then you will want to go to this folder: %localappdata%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Shaders and delete the files in there. (I copied these somewhere else as well, and orig I got a black screen but I pasted them back in and it seemed to work.) I really like the difference, it just seems more suddle/realstic, let me know if it works for you and if you see a difference! thanks
  7. It has always been the number 1 pet peeve of my beloved FSX and now Prepar3d. I just cannot stand the Rain/Snow textures. It's so frustrating to play other games and look at their precip textures. I was recently playing World of Warcraft and wow...the snow and rain. I would also like to have good VC rain textures but that has been a topic of debate as it would be "hard" to simulate the rain. I would be happy with just the textures of the falling Rain/Snow, and if it has to be semi unrealistic the rain in FS9 was perfectly satisfying on the VC. I honestly hope at some point I will come across a title that says "new rain textures/snow textures for Prepar3d" I would gladly pay the price of a good scenery add on to get it, that is just me though. I would love to hear your opinions on whether precipitation is that important to you and whether or not you'd pay a good price for replacement textures? thanks!
  8. I saw a post a while ago where someone was wondering what happens when 3d Lights Redux is loaded into FSX for aircraft lights and runway lights. When you go to load a new REX texture set, does that override the 3d lights redux runway light effects? the previous post never got a clear answer if I remember correctly, any information on this would be great
  9. try reinstalling the back up textures? I believe that program allowed you to reinstall back up textures? REX should allow you to reinstall back up textures too?
  10. Is the GEX program for FSX worth the buy for the Maine-Newengland area? not many scenery add ons up here, but GEX has a new update and the program itself looks nice....any thoughts? I put this on the flightsimworld forum but did not get any responses, not sure if anyone has tried Maine with GEX. Note: does GEX also include updated roads for FSX? I remember a program in FS9 that could do that thanks, Nate
  11. I was wondering what a good combo for inland water would be in terms of saturation, plankton etc. I think I have everything else down pat. Any suggestions would be nice note: I'm going to take a look at some of the pictures I took in waikiki and kinda go from there as well.
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