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  1. Everything is working fine,Tim. Thank you Mike
  2. Hi guys, i had removed REX ESS from my Pc and reinstalled. Now i have this version ---3.0.2012.0416---,but no Overdrive. Can someone please tell me how to get OD? I cannot find any dl. Mike
  3. Perhaps a bit better. Mike 2016-9-21_17-4-8-617.BMP 2016-9-21_17-50-54-352.BMP
  4. Hi Tim, two pics how the floor looks today. Mike 2016-9-19_17-11-18-45.BMP 2016-9-19_18-2-9-897.BMP
  5. Tim, my water looks now great again-----many,many thanks! Only the ocean floor looks not so good. Any idea? If not---no problem,i think i can live with it. I am so happy to have my water back without the torture of reinstalling FSX and so on,thanks again. Mike
  6. Hi Tim, thank you so much. PM sent. Here is a pic from ORBX FTX GEN around EDWR and .EDWJ. No REX Textures installed. 2016-9-17_18-6-14-49.BMP
  7. Tim, this is not "answered". I need all relevant water files to restore my default FSx water. I don´t know what to do,and i really don`t want to reinstall FSX. It has a size of 500GB and i hope that you as a Developer know what i can do. Mike
  8. Thanks,but i did that allready. I also removed REX3+4 from my PC and reinstalled both. But nothing helped. Mike
  9. Thank you. Can you please tell me,hwo to get the FSX-ACC default water back? At some point something has destroyed the look of my water and it is looking awful now. Mike
  10. Following question: I have a texture set installed into FSX. After some days i want to install a new texture set. Before i install this new set,have i first to restore the default FSX textures? Mike REX 4: FSS0253199 REX ESS OD:FSS0035671
  11. Also it doesn´t work with DX10. When will the DX10 version be available? Mike
  12. Now it works. I made somefhing wrong. You can close this. Mike
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