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  1. Soft Clouds is really amazing---i love it too! Thank you,dear REX Team! Mike
  2. All who are interested,should monitor their forum. FSWC DX10? Mike
  3. I totally agree---great work! Thank you for your hard work,REX-Team. Mike
  4. Now everything is clear,Kees.I also feel so when i wake up after sleeping on the keyboard. Michael
  5. Thanks for the info. Would be better,someone could build new waterclasses for FSX. Too many regions must be redone. Michael
  6. While this "swimming pool" look although exists for other users, i want to ask,what you would suggest? Thanks Michael
  7. I think,the main problem is the faulty "waterclass" of FSX. I too get results in many regions which are far away from reality. I don`t think,that REX can solve this problem. Michael
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