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  1. He certainly does brighten and cloudy day.
  2. Congrats Tim...all the best mate
  3. http://www.flyaoamedia.com/blog/humor/approach-plate-sullenberger-style/
  4. LMAO... nothing like playing with ones head... bet google has been busy lol
  5. Sorry for the loss of a friend Tom... You are right... i have never met any of my online aviation buddies but but the friendship is still stong as if we did meet. Just a couple of poems i found on my travels.... i hope you like... The 2nd one i do love. Because I Fly Because I fly I laugh more than other men I look up and see more than they, I know how the clouds feel, What it's like to have the blue in my lap, to look down on birds, to feel freedom in a thing called the stick... who but I can slice between God's billowed legs, and feel then laugh and crash with His step Who else has seen the unclimbed peaks? The rainbow's secret? The real reason birds sing? Because I Fly, I envy no man on earth. — Grover C. Norwood Flyer's Prayer When this life I'm in is done, And at the gates I stand, My hope is that I answer all His questions on command. I doubt He'll ask me of my fame, Or all the things I knew, Instead, He'll ask of rainbows sent On rainy days I flew. The hours logged, the status reached, The ratings will not matter. He'll ask me if I saw the rays And how He made them scatter. Or what about the droplets clear, I spread across your screen? And did you see the twinkling eyes. If student pilots keen? The way your heart jumped in your chest, That special solo day- Did you take time to thank the one Who fell along the way? Remember how the runway lights Looked one night long ago When you were lost and found your way, And how-you still dont know? How fast, how far, how much, how high? He'll ask me not these things But did I take the time to watch The Moonbeams wash my wings? And did you see the patchwork fields And moutains I did mould; The mirrored lakes and velvet hills, Of these did I behold? The wind he flung along my wings, On final almost stalled. And did I know I it was His name, That I so fearfully called? And when the goals are reached at last, When all the flyings done, I'll answer Him with no regret- Indeed, I had some fun. So when these things are asked of me, And I can reach no higher, My prayer this day - His hand extends To welcome home a Flyer.
  6. Hi Guys and Happy New Year To all, Ok, well before Christmas i had extra expence after my hard drive failed and a new one along with Window 7 was installed. After 3 days of reinstalling programmes i ran FSX. Opening it in the usual way i hit the FSX icon in desk top... it showed the the usual graphic but then straight away loaded into a flight..trike..Friday Harbour...fair weatrher etc. It did not display the normal display set up ie free flight, settings multiplayer until i pressed the ESC button. Has anyone come across this and maybe advise me what to do or is it one of those FSX things i have to live with lol.
  7. I found it under my history... went to the Lancair and there it was under the Lancair aircraft itself.
  8. hi Guitarman... Well i run MegaAirport London heathrow... Very detailed... includes the new Terminal 5 and control tower... i got the boxed edition from local Game store. http://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-mega-airport-london-heathrow-x.phtml
  9. http://www.shockwaveproductions.com/store/shockwavelights/3dlights_fsx.htm this will list most developers along with the config
  10. Hi guys. Here is a good one for you... I was looking to do some water shots in and around Friday Harbour and i think FSX must now simulate Global Warming. Where there was supposed to be water i was comfronted with land...go figure?? I noticed it was only on the West coast has i had to go elsewhere to do the shots. Can anyone help. Thanks in advance.
  11. Get well soon Tim... i have not been too well either and wonder if i should have shares with my local hospital... seem to spend alot of time there recently.... Be strong mate!!
  12. ok second attempt at deleting download files etc and still get same error.
  13. Hmmmm... i got to the overdrive setup and halfway into in got " there is a problem with this windows installer packakage. A programme run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.
  14. The download manager works a treat...25 mins all done
  15. Well Ebo...that sounds like you just got that out of a manual lol
  16. Hi guys...ok...the image above was alot of playing around with settings that took most of a day to do. I had seen a real world image like it and as FSX will not replicate fog conditions it was a case of playing with weather settings... i went up in a trike to get the angle i wanted and paused the session... Then i went into weather settings and added a couple set of cirrus clouds and set them at 8/8 and the altitude of them were from ground to 200ft and the next layer from 200ft-800ft (i think) ..enough so it would not make the bridge disappear completley. Once i was happy with that i then worked on the cumulus clouds...set them at i think at 2000-8000ft.. 5/8 setting. then to top it off added yet another set of cirrus cloud at high altitude above 11000ft... hope this helps...it was a while ago when i did this and going from what poor memory i have lol
  17. Alot of messing around with cloud settings in FSX ..altering altitudes etc until finally when textures loaded i was met with what you see above.... A friend of mine saw this and promptly went at got himself a copy of REX
  18. I had to mess around with weather settings to get the "fog" shot i wanted.....
  19. I love REX... i can honestly say it was money well spent and not only do you get a product but you get great support and as you can see you become part of a community. I loaded up your airport..ok i don't have added scenery for that area but this is how i see it through REX.
  20. Boeing 777 for me... Great aircraft to fly on FSX and also to fly as a passenger in real world...but i am talking business class...not been down the back yet lol.
  21. 1066 Country is now recognised throughout the world as a leading brand of historical experience. Lying deep in the mysterious heart of the South East, one of the United Kingdom’s most beautiful regions, its spectacular coast and countryside are littered with relics and ruins from the Norman invasion. This rich history can be touched and tasted within the comforts of the towns and villages that give the area its extraordinarily welcoming reputation. Hastings: Two Things dominate the character of the bustling East Sussex town of Hastings – the sea and 1066. One of the medieval Cinque Ports, Hastings has long had a close relationship with the ocean, and although its fishing industry has declined, it still has Europe's largest beach-launched fishing fleet. As for the Norman Conquests, Hastings is not the actual location of the famous battle in 1066. That exact spot is just a few miles down the road at Battle Abbey. However, its legacy still colours the entire town. The remains of William the Conqueror's first English castle still stand today, though centuries of warfare and erosion have taken their toll. Bexhill-On-Sea: enowned for its bracing and equable climate since Victorian times Bexhill is a town that has been a well kept secret by those visitors who return year after year. Set in the midst of 1066 Country, Bexhill offers a quiet charm missing from many larger, well-known seaside resorts. In fact little has changed since the 1950’s and 60s – so for a bit of quiet nostalgia come and visit Bexhill-on-Sea. Take time to admire the magnificent Victorian and Edwardian buildings as you stroll along the two miles of promenade. just a couple but see this link and that give you an insight towards Cornwall... http://www.visitsoutheastengland.com/site/destinations/mayfield-p279751
  22. Hi Volcom, I am no expert but a couple of things i do once a week is 1) Full Defrag and 2) clear out unwanted images after a good week pressing that "V" key... you will be suprised how much memory they can take up. Regards, Tom.
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