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  1. Is it just me? or is chat not available... [#CHAT-02] You do not have access to our chat room.
  2. I got the same details in the post from them today...thought it was a bonus getting free upgrade to 100Mb but a nice surprise we will be getting the extra boost to 120Mb. Good Times
  3. i am not using any utility and i am not using the affinity mask.
  4. Well this is a somewhat ummm, heated discussion and have been sitting in the wings... On inspection i have some CPU parked however, when flying (FSX) they would "un-park" themselves but only briefly. I found flying in a straight line CPU will remain Parked". As you start to turn left or right (and the scenery changes) the CPU "un-park". so it's not as if these "parked" CPU will never work. They will become "un-parked" as and when FSX require them. So below the CPU1, 3, 5 and 7 were parked only to the point i started doing turns. When i returned to just forward flight they would revert back to "parked".
  5. Hmmm... interesting,,, Well i just did a few tests with same scenario.. Realair duke sitting and looking forward with realworld weather@ EGLL etc... with current settings.. then without affinity mask and lastly with your exe. i did not notice any difference. I did notice by taking the affinity mask out and running my setup it made a difference but nothing to write home about.
  6. Well the Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P Motherboard seems to running great for me...i have looked around and saw one for $200 (converted £130.00) but that's mainly UK based sites...i guess in the U.S it would be somewhat cheaper. Here is the tech side of things... http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3912#ov Good luck!!
  7. Hi Larry...well we had REX from the outset... It was then updated with Overdrive and at the moment we are all awaiting REX essentials.. the 3rd part of REX.. Your REX version (2.5 2010.1027) is the current build so you are on the same page as most of us. As to what REX essential is...well its all here....
  8. The only thing i could find..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjjPZ-qcCfc
  9. http://www.fsopen.co.uk/downloads/opencontrol/
  10. i know this may already reported but why is it i can view screenshots when signed out but once signed in it is nowhere to be seen?
  11. this is what i see with a little addon a friend produced.
  12. I was interested in aviation at an early age after once having a tour of the Concorde flight deck that my Uncle worked on as chief engineer.. I joined the Air Training Corp and loved it. I went to college to gain qualifications so i could join the RAF.. However, in the summer break i had an accident that resulted to losing partial sight in my left eye. I was then given the bad news that because of the loss of vision i too would lose the chance of an aviation career. Aviation is still in my blood.. After college i went to my other passion ... Photography.. attending airshows and selling my images to Airfix that in turn would copy the livery from aircraft to then include in their model kits. Today.. and the dream of a flying career many years behind me, i enjoy flying but in more of a pleasure enviroment... flying light aircraft with friends that invite me to join them in the cockpit.... mostly in the Caribbean.
  13. thats an odd one... i have seen sometimes an aircraft substituted with USS Nimitz (as it's in my a/craft folder) when i have not had the particular aircraft the other multiplayer user is using.... good ole FSX for ya i thinks.
  14. I personally don't mind not knowing what it is until it has been released. I guess it has something to do with avaiation otherwise it would not be here on REX. Whatever it is, i can only assume, as it's a REX product, it's gonna be one kick ass programme lol. All good things come to those who wait
  15. Sorry to hear your sad news... my thoughts are with you.
  16. This happened to me a while back and it drove me crazy.... after pressing ESC to go to menu select "settings". Then select the "general Tab Ensure the box is checked "show opening screen" You may have to do this procedure a couple of times...why? that's FSX for you lol. Hope that helps. Tom.
  17. there are many out there... some are relaxed and some feel you need to go back to school to understand the procedures... I belong to Aspirefsx.com. I'm not here to promote it but i have been with the guys for 2yrs now and happy with the way things are conducted. Good luck.
  18. Looks good there Tim... i see kinda the same thing in the mornings over London...it is rare as i rarely see the sunrise lol
  19. haaaa... here is my dog chasing the frog http://youtu.be/4LNs-AYNP-w?hd=1
  20. ensure scenery complexity is set to full (high)
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