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  1. the whole idea of N.I is so it forces Nvidea to accept the settings you want and anything you do now in the Nvidea control panel does not work. Ensure in your FSX settings that Anti-Aliasing  is switched off... here are my N.I settings...








    once you make these changes try not to open Nvidea control panel as it seems reset fsx to original settings.



    Hope this helps.



  2. Hi,

    I forgot how to paste images in here, so maybe this explanation helps;


    Quite often, I get such odd sharp cloud fragments in a circular shape around the Aircraft. Typically they are flashing.


    Any idea what this could be?


    Best Regards,





    If you go here.....   http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/      register with them... log in...  select files to upload... press upload.... select and copy the BB code it generates....paste in here.



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