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  1. Ok lets see what you are talking about... go here    http://fsfiles.org/   and create an account.  When you have done that drag your photo into the top area to upload it. After that has uploaded select the BB code on the drop down selection and copy and paste into here.





  2. i would start by going to here http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21717-REX-essential-plus-for-REX-3020120522-users/   and get yourself upto Version 1028 as REX Autoupdate needs one of the versions listed below before it does it's thing ;)


    REX Minimum Build Requirements For Upgrades
    - REXPlane - 1.0.2010.0512
    - REX 2 - 2.3.2010.1027
    - REX 2 + OD - 2.5.2010.1027
    - REX Essential Plus - 3.1.2012.1028
    - REX Essential Plus Overdrive - 3.5.2012.1029

  3. This is what i have read...   


    Announcing REX Auto Update!

    This soon-to-be released utility will be available to all REX users for a hassle-free installation of service packs as well as major program updates. This ensures a quick and effortless procedure so you can enjoy updates as they become available. Simply launch the application, choose the product you wish to update, browse the location of your install and the rest is taken care of... automatically!


    All good things come to those who wait ;)



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  4. I would just check the version you have downloaded from FSS and then go from there... Chances are you will have to do atleast 1 update from the software updates here on REX forums.

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