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  1. Yup, did that and now I have a nice clean installation. Mind you it was working as was, but I like to go for the minimum of clutter. So onward and upward. By the way the tone of this discussion from developer and user community was (even when we were frustrated a bit) cordial, respective and obviously productive. Full marks. Thanks again, Clayton
  2. Do I need all of these? Can any be uninstalled as redundant?
  3. MD5 9AB3F8D67B558FA45E83887FF835501E And Bingo! It works. Thanks for your efforts. I'm at KCRP Corpus Christi awaiting the Himicane. Driving torrents of rain. Many thanks again, Clayton
  4. MS Edge, 7-Zip REX4 TD Enhanced Version: 4.7.2017.0814 Win10 Pro x64 1703 15063.540
  5. I ran a hash check on the download files from yesterdays post and todays post and they are identical: MD5 F3C7F0AF87FCD5916DE858072002781B MD5 F3C7F0AF87FCD5916DE858072002781B So my question is, is this the same file that didn't work yesterday?
  6. Yeah, this is ridiculous. There is obviously a problem with the Integration Tool when so many have the same issue. I also suggested Link to Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition full installer but was told it would be a support nightmare. What kind of support nightmare is this? Re-downloaded from the link that is reposted...same thing. It does not work. Clayton
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for the integration tool but it doesn't work as nothing happens when you press the NEXT button. It accepts the license number as valid, detects the location of Texture direct (4.7.2017.0814) and when I go to press NEXT...nothing happens. Running as administrator, AV deactivated, etc. What gives? Clayton
  8. Thanks. I found it. I have the same issue. NEXT button does nothing. Clayton
  9. Hi Guys, Where did you get the integration tool? Clayton
  10. Can't find the soft cloud integration tool either. It's almost 4pm Tuesday, so, maybe Wednesday? Oh and thanks millions for the PTA Presets. Quite nice indeed.
  11. Excuse me but it's a bit confusing when you offer up something that can't be had. Why bother as I am not on the beta team. It made me think something was wrong, hence my post. Hurry up and wait. Guess that says it all. Clayton
  12. Image says it all. What's going on? Best, Clayton
  13. Psybear


    Given that P3Dv2.5 has been released will REX TD 4 and Soft Clouds work as is or do you need time to adapt to the new file structure and issue a patch? Cheers, Clayton
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