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  1. My FSX files are located on my E:\ drive. What drive do I install World Wide Airports too??
  2. Hello Reed, I have completed a new download All files downloaded dated 6/23/2016 Version 3.8.2014.1126 Nothing is filed in would like your help so that I do not make a mistake. No indication of internet yet. Download Procedure: i used the REX File Transfer program, Used Download and install full version. serial numbes given from email "Here are the Serial Numbers for the item(s) you have ordered from REX Store" Gave seiial numbers stored on email and sttarted download procedure chose to install to drive C:\ Download Server 1 clicked on download and it started Can we schedule another visit? Larry
  3. First of all thank you for your attempt to help me, it Is appreciated, I had hoped that rather than trying to restore REX Essential I would purchase a "new" version of the program ad I would be able to install a correct version and could start all over again but unfortunately the screens I saw were not the same as seen in the User manual. , Example: no option to purchase Prepar3D, Could not find "Create a configuration backup account or restore your account" Obviously program is still using info from previous installations. Under quick start I am not able to change the weather settings, only choice is "Use REX Random weather themes". Under "Textures" I am not able to get "Shared texture themes" I have been able to get some weather into FSX so something's may be working. I set up 2 themes but they show up in the randomize window not in shared Texture Somewhat confused about what is working and what is not working spnker
  4. Since I purchased REX Essential Plus recently after reading in red that I did not have to apply this patch but after reading further to get the latest version 3.8.2014.1211 it says I should run the patch so what should I do? spinker
  5. I have purchased from the REX store a new version REX Essential Plus. it is build 3.8.2014.1126. Is this the proper version? Does it need updates? spinker
  6. That is what I did. I went to the Flightsim Store and downloaded the REX Ess from there. It was not a current file. I may have purchase it somewhere else I will have to search spinker
  7. retough, I find that REX Essentials Plus is no longer loading any type of clouds any longer. I am ready to give up on this program . I have been directed to the upgrade page for this program which to me is a total maize. The time I am spending on this program and what looks like I will have to spend on this program is to much. Is there any place I can re-purchase REX Essentials Plus and get a program that is up to date or is all available purhases old versions that have to updated thru your updating page? Or what if i purchase a new program that I have not owned such as REX TEXTURE DIRECT WITH SOFT CLOUDS and try a new program, will it be up to date or will it have to be updated thru your update page? Also i thought you said that if I went where I purchased REX Essentials I could download the latest version of REX Essential free. Not true I did this thru the Flightsim Store where I originaly purchase the product and did not get an updated file but an old version that needed updating. Totaly frustrated with REX spinker
  8. rstough, Hello, I reinstalled REX Essential Plus. When install was finished statement was Program was Installed Successfully.. I tried the new program and it seemed fine. There were functions in the manual that were not available in my program so I think I will need upgrade. My version 3.4.2014.1126. example.....I do not have function for "Shared Texture Themes" among others Can you tell me what upgrades I will need and where to find them? spnker
  9. By mistakeI did not reinstall original textures before I deleted REX Essential Plus. Will this create a problem when I reinstall REX Essential Plus
  10. Thanks every for your help, I have just downloaded a copy of REX Essential Plus from the Flightsim Store. I will start to install tomorrow. Will I also be needing to use REX 4 Texture Direct? I will keep you all posted on results. spinker
  11. Thanks every for your help, I have just downloaded a copy of REX Essential Plus from the Flightsim Store. I will start to install tomorrow. Will I also be needing to use REX 4 Texture Direct? I will keep you all posted on results. spinker
  12. I can see this thread is going nowhewre.
  13. Hello, I have recently recovered from a blue screen problem. It seems that trying to fix the blue screen problem I have caused some problems with associated FSX programs. I seem to be having problems with "REX Essential Plus" build 3.4.2014.1128 It is telling me that i do not have an internet connection. Where would I provide the information needed? Under WEATHER SETTINGS I show 3 settings I have a check mark in "Use REX Random Weather Themes" I cannot change to either of the 2 others. Are these fixable or a sign of problems with the program ? spinker
  14. Hello, I am having trouble reinstalling REX Essential, it seems that the Fligtsim store has many versions of REX Essential (don,t know why) and I have not been sucessfull re-installng the program , but I am still trying. Another version that I downloaded came up with a message saying do I want too delete, modify or repair i chose repair but it still did not load. I do not understand what is happening I downloaded REX 4 from the Flightsim Store which is where I originaly purchased it but now when I try to install the program I get the following message below. I have tried severa times. The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computers system information to see wether you need an x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher. I am using Windows 7. and never have seen this message before. If I already have "REX Soft Clouds SP1" and "REX Essential Plus" do I need "REX 4 |Texture Direct HD" What would be the advantage to have the program? I would be willing to purchase the program again if I could get a refund if it did not install. I would like to know if I could purchase thru your website. spinker
  15. Thank you for help, i have been able to remove the REX4 4 Texture Direct all but 2. They are REX 4 Texture Direct SP 2 and SP 3. When I try to uninstall them I get te following message: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."Click OK or try again to enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package etc". I am ready to install the new REX 4 Texture Direct. Can I do this with the remaining files in the add remove program? spinker
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