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  1. Hello Pilot's, In the Orbx support forum for Global Vector, I learned, Global Vector is actually a Pilot's product. Therefore, following the advise of Orbx support, I would like to deposit a request for an additional feature in the Configuration Tool from Orbx Global Vector. This is: an option to manually mark certain airports, not to be processed by the Automatic Configuration option. It appears, AEC does sometimes consequenty choose the wrong option for specific airports. Ofcourse, when I manually correct this, this manual correction will be overruled the next time I run the Automatic AEC again. To avoid this, I would like to be able to mark an airfield as "not to be processed by the Automatic AEC process. Could you create such an option? Thanks for considering. Kind regards, Bram Stikkel
  2. Hello RStough, I understand, but not in combination with a real weather injection (see above) Thanks for your input. Regards Bram
  3. Hello REX Support, Thanks for the explaination. I suddenly remember there is a flightsim weather program with some detailed local weather circumtances in combination with real weather injection, at least that's how I have understood, e.g. at Madeira airport. Unless I understood wrong, it provided a small local "wellknown" weather circumstances at some airports, that are known to have that special weather often. Cannot remember if it was REX or an Active Sky version. Well, maybe you remember ? Kind regards ! Bram Stikkel
  4. Hi REX Support, Thanks for the answer. The reason I would have a 'locally fixed' weather, is because sometimes the historical weather is too 'rough', not enough detailed for specific airstrip situations,.especially in mountain areas. I 'refly' some of the real world flights of Mission Aviation Fellowship e.g. in Papua, Indonesia and try to replicate those flights as exactly as possible. So if Weather Architect could work together with a real weather input, I would try to 'build' those specific situations that often occur at a specific airstrip. Thanks for interest Kind regards! Bram Stikkel
  5. Hello REX devellopment team, Where can I ask questions about Weather Architect? I do not yet own it, but I would like to know. if I can create local weather, and use it at the same time as a general real weather plugin is active in the rest of the sim. Thanks for your reply ! Bram Stikkel
  6. Hi REX forum managers, After giving the for support requested data in this post, I checked the "keep me informed" box. However, there are so many other 'data providers', I want to unsubscribe. I tried three or four times. However, the mails keep coming. Can you help me unsubscribe from this post, please ? Thanks! Bram
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