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  1. Two or three weeks ago the hard drive that Contained FSX and all FSX add ones including REX was wiped clean. I am now in the process of reinstalling but cannot find any REX as Flighsistore is no more. REX Flightsimstore Pass--- YSavX Order #FSS0040738 Order Date: Tuesday 27 October, 2009 (2009-10-27) Serial/Registration Info: NEVER POST YOUR KEY The above was just one of REX add ons, I'm sure there are more. Any help will be appreciated. Regards Ray
  2. Yes I received this email in the spam section. When I click on the Check for Updates in the control panel it reads: "Your version of REX Texture Direct is up to date". My version number is 4.17.2017.0818.
  3. Yes thank you, Reed is has sent me information regarding the problem..
  4. Please find attached the weather data xml weatherdata.xml
  5. Thanks for your reply. Recently flying Heathrow London to Spain, France or Germany. Not sure which REX Essential Plus Overdrive weather files you need.
  6. I'm using REX Essential Plus Overdrive version build 3.9.2016.0115 for the real time weather only and REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds version 4.8.2016.0928. With the weather set to standard mode the weather injection is not smooth, causing a sudden gain in height and speed. Set to WX Plus mode injection is smoother but the outside temperature stays at + 20/c even at 35000 feet! hence no contrails. I now use the WX Plus mode. Are there any adjustments I can make?
  7. In the post "How To Use REX4 T.D. Textures And REX Essentials/Plus/OD As Your Weather Engine" Is this: "To ensure REX3 does not install any textures you can go into the REX3 config. manager and un-check all of the options there." Do I un-check all of the options (boxes) in all of the choices 1. General, 2. Weather Engine, 3. Visibility, 4. Winds and 5. Clouds? When I purchased REX T.D. I assumed it included its own weather engine (My own fault!) I intend to use the REX Essentials/Plus/OD weather engine and wasn't quite clear re the above.
  8. Yes thank you, issue resolved.
  9. I just downloaded the 8 files for the 3rd time and unzipped them with the 190 MB file and it worked this time. "Unzip each of the files you downloaded into that new folder, one by one". Is there more than one way to do this?
  10. This is what the simplanet download instruction reads. *** Do not try to unzip any z01 , z02 etc files. They are tied to the .zip file. That's the file you need to unzip / extract *** That is the 190 MB folder I'm referring to. Regards Ray
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