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  1. I know EF must be fully loaded prior to running P3D, but do you need to quit EF after exiting P3D and launching P3D again? 

    Also does EF gracefully process WM_CLOSE signals? When I attempt to quit EF by either a standard Windows ALT-F4 or by using the (non-forced)  taskkill command from a CMD script I find the main EF UI window will close but the rexenvforce.exe process remains running and must be forcibly terminated.

  2. 1 hour ago, gets said:

    Yeah. It takes about two seconds to minimize it. What a pain.😅


    It sounds like you don't have a cockpit.

    Having your flight begin with a blue REX configuration menu covering a sizeable proportion of the screen which requires you to find a mouse  to dismiss is unnecessary and detracts  from the flight experience.

    Imagine if other add-ons did the same thing as EF? You'd have the equivalent of taskbar of tiny icons spread across the screen and a swathe of menus obscuring the initial view.

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  3. [Dev suggestion]

    Imho the best way to call up the miniUI would have been via an entry in the standard P3D “Add-Ons” menu. That way there is nothing on the screen distracting the pilot or potentially obstructing controls (despite the icon being small). And each flight should start with the miniUI hidden - not maximised covering the left side of the screen and requiring a mouse interaction to dismiss.

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  4. Spot on Michael!

    And haze is something different to either fog or clouds. Haze is caused by dry atmospheric particles (not water droplets like clouds and fog) which cause the sky to have a milky/opalescent appearance.

    See for example "What is the difference between mist, fog and haze" by the UK meteorological office.

    If EFs "fog mode" is set to its default "manual" value then very little (f any?) haze is displayed. Conversely if "fog mode is off" there is lots of haze displayed (maybe a little too much?).

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  5. I can attest to the importance of running EF before P3D.

    I've just spent an embarrassingly long amount of time today trying to troubleshoot why starting a new flight or loading a saved one would result in my P3D hanging. 

    I'd taken Federico's comment in this thread to mean it would be safe to launch EF via FSUIPC's "run" facility.... suffice it to say it's not safe.

    I've now reverted to running EF from a batch file (which also launches P3D after a delay) and I'm finally flying again.

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  6. In my experience the rendering of haze is still not fixed in the latest version 517 of EF. If you want haze you still need to set "fog mode to off" in the miniUI since EF is not rendering haze if fog mode remains in manual mode (which is its default setting!).

    What *is* (mostly) now fixed in 517 regarding haze is EF now saves the setting for "fog mode".. I say "mostly" because if you set "fog mode off" and save this setting then the next flight will have fog mode off BUT the miniUI will incorrectly claim it is still in manual mode.

  7. Just an aside: there seems to be confusion between "fog" and "haze". 

    REX's "fog mode is manual" seems to disable atmospheric haze entirely (a bad thing) and give manual control of a ground-level fog effect.

    I prefer "fog mode is off" but, annoyingly, EF doesn't save this setting when I use "save variables" or "save state" in the miniUI (at least prior to today's tech update which I haven't tried) 

  8. What Dolf said!

    Also, how/when do you launch EF? And do you run it with Admin rights?

    I also encountered validation errors with the new hotfix version but discovered I could eliminate them by changing from launching EF from within FSUIPC (despite this having worked flawlessly with the prior version of EF) and running it manually by double-clicking its icon (with Admin rights of course).

  9. 4 hours ago, fs1 said:

    Let me check. What happened with the previous build? Did you see always the mini-GUI

    Yes, previous build was fine: no problems seeing the miniUI and no validation errors.

    And now that I'm no longer loading EF via fsuipc everything seems ok with the new build too.

  10. Hmmm - ok I'm now having greater success (ie no validation errors - at least not yet...) by simply running EF manually before launching P3D, instead of via my old technique. Prior to today's patch I'd been successfully running EF automatically via FSUIPC inbuilt RUN facility. But since the update I've regularly encountered the MiniUI displaying a validation error (when EF was launched via FSUIPC).

    And I've just confirmed that running EF&P3D from a shell script also seems to avoid the validation error.

    ...so, as a test, let me just revert back to using FSUIPC.... yup validation failures!

    Would today's patch have interfered with EF's validation process if launching EF at startup via FSUIPC?

  11. Hi Federico,

    EF has been working fine (including the mini-UI) until I applied today's update.

    My Internet is also stable.

    But since the update its been a lottery as to whether the miniUI works or displays the message "validation process failed - contact support". Note there are no errors displayed in the main exe program itself.

  12. EV had been running well for me until today's hotfix.


    On launching EF this afternoon I was notified of a new hotfix (1.1.1). I downloaded and applied this update and the main EF program still runs fine and now reports version 5.0.2019.506.

    But upon starting a flight in P3D the mini-UI appears with all option removed and replaced by the message " validation process failed - contact support"




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